Les & Ann picI don’t know about you but I feel very insecure going up a ladder unless I know there is someone holding it at the bottom for me!

We were feeling a bit insecure and disheartened when discovering my cancer had reappeared just as we were looking forward to retirement, so we asked a few friends if they’d help steady our ladder for us at as we started this climb. The response was amazing, so many lovely friends expressing their prayerful support from all round the world. But we also discovered something else – many expressed a similar need for someone to hold their ladder, like Agnes, a mother of six children who’s husband has suddenly disappeared, and she’s fearing he’s been abducted, like Sonia travelling alone in Kenya, like Ian in Juba, visiting displaced, persecuted Christians from Sudan

We all know God is in this with us, and will bring us through but we know that His preferred way of encouraging his people on their upward climb is through placing caring people like you at the bottom of the ladder!

Please visit this site often and use the info in your ladder holding times with the one holding you! (press the button on the side to get email alerts whenever updates are posted),

Hugs and High fives,  Les and Ann Ball


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