Pastor retires

On Sunday 9th September I retired after 38 years as Pastor of All Nations. My last day at work was fantastic !!!

Beautiful worship, Kemi’s beautiful song she’d written, Pastor Paul’s inspirational ‘I have a greater task for you’Karl’s spine tingling ‘Just one touch from the King’Jenny’s haunting ‘I see the King of Glory’, and our church national anthem ‘Jesus love has got under our skin’. I had wanted to try and keep it as normal as possible with the focus off me, but there were some lovely surprises – very embarrassing! (but nice!)

Two highlights for me –  the moment when Caroline gave her testimony of being set free and asked others who’d also been set free to stand up. I felt as if an electric shock ran through me, I couldn’t believe how many stood; I had no idea. The Kingdom was here; good news had come!

The second highlight was being able to kneel down in front of our associate Pastor Paul, the Elders and Leaders and pray Paul’s ‘knowing the so much more God’ prayer in Ephesians 3 for them. That really choked me up; I do love them all so much and want to see them achieve much for the King. Please continue to pray for them. They have a huge responsibility, there are still millions in London yet to be saved and brought into the freedom of the Kingdom.

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