British aid scandal

Britain is the largest European aid donor to Rwanda, for so long portrayed as a model African country following the ending of the the Rwandan Genocide in 1994   during which Hutu groups conducted mass killings of  an estimated 800,000 Tutsi  people  in 100 days.

Britain backed the rebuilding of the country under its new ‘no nonsense’ President, Kagame. Tony Blair, President Clinton and several Conservative politicans made friends with him. Aid poured in, but recently questions have began to be asked where it was all going. Much seemed to go towards backing Hutu militia forces just over the border in Congo,  intent on taking control of the mining area around Goma, a city of 1 million, supposedly being protected by the worlds largest UN Peace keeping force.

This area has become known as the ‘rape capital of the world’ with an estimated 600 girls, women, mothers and grandmothers being raped and brutally abused every day, many in great need of reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to them.

And then one of these Rwandan backed forces, the so called M23, advanced on Goma sending half a million terrified people fleeing before them in terror. If you can bear it watch this video taken on someone’s mobile phone of what happened

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

I’ve written to Justine Greening, the DFiD minister responsible for deciding on whether or not to send our next tranch of aid to Rwanda in December, asking her to hold it back, unless she wants to see Congo remain the rape capital of the world at the hands of British backed militias from Rwanda.

Could you write as well – just a short note has great influence on politicans! – asking for British aid to Rwanda be stopped.

and to her boss, the foreign Secretary William Hague 

Let’s hold the ladder for Congo, now at their lowest point

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