Leg shot off

Please try and watch Dispatches on Channel 4, 8pm tonight (Monday 26th November).
The former private secretary to the Rwandan president spills the beans on how British aid to his country is bankrolling war crimes in neighbouring Congo. ‘Britain is not funding Rwanda; it is funding a dictator’.
President Paul Kagame is (like so many) after the mineral wealth in the mines of remote eastern Congo, and will do anything to drive innocent poor ordinary people away from their home area with the use of guns and rape. This short video of the M23 Rwandan militia taking Goma last week is horrific; it says it all. We can’t see this and say nothing. Its yours and my taxes paying for this…
I’ll be putting more on how we can Hold the Ladder for these poor, poor, people after the broadcast
Together for the King and His people, who He SO loves,

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