Molo Street Orphans

When Sonia and her husband Chris went to work in the rift valley area of Kenya 10 years ago as teachers and house parents in a Christian secondary school, God used them in ways they never thought possible. After settling in to life in rural Kenya, Sonia found her heart strings being tugged by the number of glue sniffing orphan children she saw on the streets whenever she went shopping in Molo.

A desire to help them resulted in a project being started to rehabilitate these street children into productive members of the community by giving them a meal every day and a chance to learn a skill so they could get a job and get off the streets. Money was raised to buy land  for a centre, uniforms and school fees for formal schooling with follow up support, vocational training, informal schooling, a feeding programme, family support and guidance, basic healthcare, spiritual nourishment and counselling. Its breath taking what God has been able to do through Sonia & Chris, when they just minding their own business!

After 10 years they returned to the UK leaving the project in the hands of local people. There have been a few hic cups  so Sonia has gone back to try and help the project move forward again and would REALLY appreciate some Ladder Holding. She writes:

Thank you so much for agreeing to pray with me. It really encourages me and helps me to keep going.
Sorry for poor communication. Life has been hectic and I have had poor access to the internet.
It has been a good trip so far.I am really thankful that all the children are doing well.
All the little ones remembered me! Those I left trying to walk are now walking and talking, some even have attitude!
The staff have been working hard . The garden is full of crops and now school has closed there is plenty of vegetables to eat.
It has been a difficult 4 months for them since we left. many schools have been on strike and this has caused disruption and an increased workload.
Pat Woodman of the Molo Brecon Link has been here with me for 2 weeks and its been a Blessing to have her around.
Do continue to;

  • Pray- for safe travel on the roads. Not much has changed here! I really miss Chris for that.
  • For Pat that she will complish what she needs to. It has been slow going for her.
  • Our biggest challenge at present is finances – some casual staff are not being paid regularly.
  • For good contacts and for favour to raise partners to support the work.
  • For a retreat day with the staff next Sunday that we will really meet with God and get renewed vision

Time to hold her ladder!

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