Les pic Its not just women who have implants!  Yesterday I had the second implant into my abdomen of a 28 day slow  release capsule of female hormones…. without a local anaesthetic ( much to the concern of the doctor!)

This is round two of the fight inside my body to starve the prostate cancer cells of  testosterone. Hot and cold flushes and tenderness in the tummy region let me know its taking effect! Its quite an insight into what women cope with, month in month out. Round three is due to start on Christmas Eve!

We transported more of our stuff from our home in London up to our flat on the coast today to store ready for when we move next year. That’s going to be hard …leaving the community we’ve got to know so well and grown to love so much over 38 years of praying for , and seeking to win for Jesus. We can’t walk down the street without meeting people who know us and look to us … Please pray our church will carry on being salt and light in the estates and streets after we’ve gone. I’ve often prayer walked round it sprinkling salt outside the off licence, betting shop, fortune tellers homes, drug dealers flats … and spraying ‘anointing’ oil on the pavements and bus stops.

Sowing, believing, praying, longing, chatting, listening, smiling, sharing pain, giving good news papers,clearing up dogs muck, distributing food parcels, helping ….’by all means to win some’. 

4 thoughts on “Implant

  1. Stephen Gordon says:

    Hi Les and Ann

    I am sadden at your recent emails and the news that you will be moving to Frinton permanently .

    Please be assured that to Debs me you and Ann are our friends and not just our retired Pastor.

    Please let us know if we can help in anyway during this difficult time.

    God Bless

  2. Barry and Maggie Bullen says:

    Dearest Les and Ann,
    Although we haven’t seen you for a number of years, we think of you and pray for your
    ministry and yourselves as you go through this trial of health and adjustments to living
    in Frinton. My memory of you goes back to the Yorkshire dales with our geography
    group from Trent Park.
    I have spoken to our pastors about the ministry plans you have spoken about in your
    newsletters. Retirement is certainly a new way to serve our Lord and Saviour. Maggie
    and I will remember you both in our prayers as you go through your treatments in the
    coming days. God bless you both.
    Barry and Maggie Bullen

    • Great to hear from you Barry & Margaret; we sure go back a long way!remember that night hike in Epping Forest?!!!
      I’m getting re-fitted at the moment, then re-tyred, and then hopefully next Easter re-fired !
      But what ever anyone tells you about retirement , tell them iits definitely not for cissies!
      Much love as always

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