What’s up doc’ ?

After four years being clear of cancer it was a great blow to discover that traces of prostate cancer had started growing again – even though my prostate had been removed in 2008.

These cells feed off the hormone testosterone and can start to grow anywhere in the body; finding where they are is the challenge. If they lodge in the bones then its very hard to treat them and the patient endures a very painful slow death. Continue reading

Pastor retires

On Sunday 9th September I retired after 38 years as Pastor of All Nations. My last day at work was fantastic !!!

Beautiful worship, Kemi’s beautiful song she’d written, Pastor Paul’s inspirational ‘I have a greater task for you’Karl’s spine tingling ‘Just one touch from the King’Jenny’s haunting ‘I see the King of Glory’, and our church national anthem ‘Jesus love has got under our skin’. I had wanted to try and keep it as normal as possible Continue reading


Les & Ann picI don’t know about you but I feel very insecure going up a ladder unless I know there is someone holding it at the bottom for me!

We were feeling a bit insecure and disheartened when discovering my cancer had reappeared just as we were looking forward to retirement, so we asked a few friends if they’d help steady our ladder for us at as we started this climb. The response was amazing, Continue reading