saltSad events in so called ‘christian’ , ‘In God we Trust’, America  cause me to again wonder just how deep their Christianity goes or is it a different brand of Christianity to what I know?

Every year over 10,000 are killed by guns and a further 100,000 wounded. I can’t get my head around those figures! Continue reading

Holding the Ladder for Nigerian Christians under attack at Christmas

Nigerian Christians are asking churches across the world to pray for their safety from deadly attacks this Christmas, amid renewed threats.

The radical Islamist group Boko Haram has been carrying out a series of attacks on Christians from northern Nigeria. Continue reading

Les Miserables

candleI’m really missing being a pastor, especially at Christmas.

I was in a church recently that is planting out three new churches this Christmas around the theme ‘Les Miserables’. Their vision made my mouth water.
Chatting with the pastor he said something powerful: ‘We’re not trying to grow a church, we’re trying to bless London, and when you bless London then God grows His church’.

That remark Continue reading