Malaria knocks children over

Just received this heart wrenching letter from Masih das, working amongst village people in the tribal belt of north India – the poorest of the poor, the outcasts, the ‘dalits’. Children are dying from malaria …

‘Dear prayer friends,   Greetings to you in Jesus Might Name,

This is urgent prayer request. This week  four of the children from the villages that we look after in our Bethany House hostel  suddenly got fever. We took them to doctor and had blood test and found malaria. So as soon as possible we started giving medicine and we call their parents to come and take their children to home because we don’t have separate room to keep sick people. They came and took their children to home. But one child (Hari Chand Murmu ) is serious condition so they put in hospital, other three are in home. Please pray for them . Sunil Todu, Berbl Sorne, Laxman and Hari Chand Murmu.

To day I read in local paper that last Sunday night five people died due to Malaria. In village there are no such facilities so people get treatment. When they bring sick people from village to hospital is too late.

That news makes me even more concerned for my hostel children and for village people.

Now is cold season. So we are thinking a lot of village poor people and old people. Please pray so that any way we can able to help them to save there life from this cold season’. 

We have sent some money to help with medicines and warm blankets and malaria nets. If you want to contribute send a gift to ‘Holding the Ladder India’, 49 Atkins Rd, London SW12 0AH,  UK, or bank transfer to  ICICI bank, sort code:   30-00-81 Account number: 75094270

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