Going, going…

Eagle flying above stormOur last Christmas in London was sad. Christmas Eve was spent having another hormone implant and wishing the doctors a Happy Christmas. Christmas Day was spent with the family, battling hot and cold flushes and feeling rough and fighting sad feelings that this would be the last time we’d spend Christmas round our lovely log fire. Then it was down to business putting our Victorian oak dining table , sideboard and other pieces of furniture on Ebay, taking down pictures and packing crockery to take up to our flat at Walton on the Naze. When the pictures went it seemed as if the heart had gone out of our home.

Six and a half weeks of daily radiotherapy awaits, and then our 38 year London adventure and love affair with All Nations Church will be over, as we have been given notice to leave the Manse at the end of March.  We never imagined it finishing like this – we had high hopes of continuing doing one of the things God seems to have gifted us in, that of  encouraging and helping release ordinary Christians into mission. Perhaps God wants us to do that somewhere else. We are willing.

The challenge now is to soar above the threatening storm clouds like the eagle and not let the approaching storm damage our spirit; it would be so easy to lose our joy in the Lord and become bitter. Can you please keep holding our ladder for us …our spirits are quite fragile at the moment? Pray we’ll know the lifting power of the Holy Spirit supernaturally raising us up, above all that’s going on down here. Thanks.xx

4 thoughts on “Going, going…

  1. Pauline Etim-Ubah says:

    Hey Pastor Les, Sorry to hear that you have left London, not sure when I’ll see you and Ann… It isn’t easy having to move and change (although beneficial) is really difficult. All you can do is trust, the transition might not be easy but God is with you. I wish there was something I could write something that would encourage you – God does know what he’s doing, he has his eye on the long game far beyond what we can see. I am in a similar situation with New York not quite working out yet and in being obedient to God I have to step back from the thing I want now so that God can prepare me and can give me even more in his own time. Love you lots, stay encouraged, don’t cling to what has passed, embrace the new thing

    lots of love, Pauline. xxx

    Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 22:59:11 +0000 To: paulineubah@outlook.com

    • What are you doing up so late?!!! Appreciate your care. We haven’t actually left London yet …wait for the gone! We just wish we could have another few weeks after I finish my cancer treatment to build up a bit of strength ready to move xx

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