Streams in the desertIts been quite a roller coaster week. On Tuesday I was feeling like a trussed up supermarket chicken ready to be put in the oven, only the doctors were going to put me inside a huge scanning machine. The hum of the motors increased and the bed slowly moved forwards … and then I heard the whine of the motors start to slow down and I was being ejected. They told me my body was not hydrated enough to undergo the long radio therapy course, that I needed to go home and drink, drink, drink and come back next week when they’d try again. My marker was 180 hydration, it needed to be 250.

I protested. ‘But you can’t push the programme back a week. I’ve got to move out of my house before Easter, and this will take me over the time I’ve got left’.

They took pity on me and said they’d squeeze me in on Thursday, provided I drank a glass of water every hour over the next two days. No tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol (these all dehydrate you), just water and fruit juice, but preferably just water.

The last time I drank so much water was in India when it was approaching 40 degrees! I drank, and drank, and my dear friends who knew of the situation prayed me full, and that I’d be able to hold my water!

Come Thursday, trussed up again, and into the scanner…my marker was 253! ‘Perfect!‘, the doctor and technican cheered. I gave out a Hallelujah!

And so my radio therapy journey is underway, scheduled to finish just before Easter and moving day. Please pray I’ll be able to stay fully hydrated as this helps lessen the soreness and burning effects internally as the course builds up.

But I did have a cup of tea this morning; dunking biscuits in water is not just the same!!!

14 thoughts on “HOLDING WATER

  1. Norman Lewis says:

    OH! I sympathise, know the feeling very well. Hang on in there as the results at the end will be worth it. Look at me! to god be the Glory. I’m Cleared. We keep praying that God will give you the strength to endure this daily trauma.
    Take care always.

    • Its horrible feeling redundant, and moving, and having radio all at the same time! Retail therapy is no good here – just asking Lord to keep lifting me up on wings like eagles so I get above the stuff in the earthlies! Lots of love – praying your creative juices will keep flowing in this cold weather!!!

  2. Jennifer, Greta Minott & family says:

    Praying God the Almighty Father will bless you as you begin this journey, and that you will be filled with the water of life for ALL its purpose.

    Peace & joy to you Pastor Les, sister Ann & family.


    • sandra rampersaud says:

      Hi Pastor Les and Ann thinking of you all today and just remember
      that its no over till God says its over.
      Love and Prayers today
      Sandra R

      • You are such an encouragement! I do get down a bit every Sunday when it hits me hard that I’m no longer pastor at All Nations and feel a bit redundant!!!I’m waiting for God to open the next door for me. Much love, xx

    • Thank you SO MUCH!! Its pretty tough at the moment,packing everything up ready for moving, but hardest thing is feeling redundant, especially on Sundays. Love and High Fives to you all.xx

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