We won! We’ve still got snow!


I play a little game with myself, guessing which house down our road will be the last to still have snow on its roof.  This year we won!  Either we have the best insulated roof in the road, so the heat inside doesn’t escape into the roof and melt the snow – or else we are the meanest with our heating! If you’ve been round and sat in front of our log fires you’ll know we like it warm, so its not that! Also its not the insulation factor. We’ve emptied two of our upstairs rooms for moving and turned the heating off and shut them up, that’s why.

Got me thinking ; as Christians we should be the ones to lose our snow first, not last. With warm hearts and the log fire of the Holy Spirit, people should feel the heat coming off us!
We are taking another load of our stuff up to our flat this weekend ready for moving; guess what – they’ve never had snow settle there – its got  a unique micro climate. That’s what I’d like to have as well!

2 thoughts on “We won! We’ve still got snow!

  1. Trisha says:

    Praying for you and Ann in this challenging days. I will always remember the spaghetti on toast I used to love having round your house on these lovely brown plates. You have been a blessing to me and my family from my younger days til my slightly older ones. God bless you… Trisha xx

    • Trisha, what a good memory you have ….spaghetti on toast …mmm, mmm! Must have been Heinz out of a can! Ann says she hasn’t upped her menu much since then!! Lovely to hear from you – we are doing OK flying ever higher on eagles wings above all the rotten stuff down below!Much love xx

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