Good News – all clear!

In this house we do realAfter getting dressed following my radiotherapy session this morning, my name was called asking me to wait behind as the consultant wanted to see me. My heart sank. They had been monitoring how I had been coping with the treatment, the hormone implants and the stress with preparing to move. Was it too much? Were they going to halt the treatment as had been threatened?

The news the doctor gave me was astounding. ‘You have no cancer’, he said. ‘We were unable to find any trace of it for our tests to test. Its gone!

What a feeling!  ‘Does that mean I can stop coming every day and don’t have to have any more Continue reading

Colin Ashdown – my God story

CIMG0424[1]A year ago I asked Colin to write out his journey with God for me, little knowing how precious what he wrote would become. Digging it out this week, I thought others might find it as inspiring as I have and be an encouragement to keep on keeping on with God.

Colin had very little formal education, but had an inquisitive mind and was hungry to learn and grow as a Christian and help others become disciples of the one He loved so much who died for someone so insignificant (or so he thought!) as him.

Abraham Lincoln said something that I think Continue reading

Colin Ashdown

CIMG0424[1]A dear brother and friend died on Sunday 10th February. He had been struggling with his health for the past year and a half,  finding it hard to get his breath but sadly went down hill fast from the Tuesday. His family were with him round his bedside as Colin seemed to sense the end was near, saying he didn’t want to be resuscitated or taken to hospital if he took a turn for the worse. He watched Songs of Praise, looked at his watch and then said,’Take me Lord, I’m ready’, then peacefully breathed his last. He literally fell asleep in the Lord. What a way to go! Hallelujah.

The arrangements for his funeral are as follows:  Tuesday 5 March  11.30 am at

South London Crematorium, Rowan Road Streatham London SW16 5JG

for a brief service of committal,then


All NATIONS CHURCH (Bonneville), 12 Poynders Rd., Clapham Park, SW4 8 NY

followed by light refreshments.

NB Please note Greyhound Lane is closed if wanting to go to the crematorium from Streatham.

A page will be opening shortly on this site in Colin’s memory for tributes and memories to be posted – of which there will no doubt be many!


Bending - good heart exerciseGoing to the hospital for my daily zapping I stood behind a smartly dressed, distinguished looking African guy on the up escalator listening to music through his ear phones, when suddenly he started singing out at the top of his voice. It was stunning.

Everyone looked round. where was this fabulous singing coming from? And he was oblivious. He was obviously just singing along to what he was listening to and forgot where he was!

His song was the Beatles, ‘Help!’ which has a falsetto part ‘ and he hit it perfectly. ‘Won’t you please, please help me, help meeee!’ I was knocked out.Everyone was smiling.

We reached the top of the escalator and he went on his way still singing, while I went my way humming and smiling. His Continue reading


P1010529Last Friday night Ann & I had the joy and privilege sharing in a thanksgiving evening for the miracle God has done in Margaret & Norman Lewis. Married just six years ago after years of unhappy relationships, they longed to have a child, but sadly when Margaret did become pregnant their joy was shattered by a miscarriage.

But the Bible promises those that sow with tears, reap with joy, and in November 2011, we heard the lovely news, Margaret was pregnant again. Oh how Norman wrapped her up in cotton wool!

But then the totally unexpected happened; following a routine blood test just six weeks after the news of the pregnancy Continue reading