P1010529Last Friday night Ann & I had the joy and privilege sharing in a thanksgiving evening for the miracle God has done in Margaret & Norman Lewis. Married just six years ago after years of unhappy relationships, they longed to have a child, but sadly when Margaret did become pregnant their joy was shattered by a miscarriage.

But the Bible promises those that sow with tears, reap with joy, and in November 2011, we heard the lovely news, Margaret was pregnant again. Oh how Norman wrapped her up in cotton wool!

But then the totally unexpected happened; following a routine blood test just six weeks after the news of the pregnancy Norman was called to see his doctor to be told he feared Norman had aggressive prostate cancer. What concern surrounded the family; how the tears and prayers mingled together into precious fragrant incense that drifted right up to heaven’s throne room. Would Norman see his baby? Would Margaret be robbed of the love of her life at such a happy time?

He was fast tracked through the specialist unit at Guys hospital and in less than two months was having robotic surgery to remove his prostate – the surgeon coming in on a Sunday in order to do it as speedily as possible. Sunday 3 March – our church anniversary – all our thoughts were of Norman.

The surgery went well and then followed months of the very slow and painful journey to recovery, broken on 10th July by the joy of Margaret giving birth to Jonathan Baraka Lewis – Baraka means blessing in Swahili.

Hormone treatment, then radiotherapy followed for Norman, leaving him very weak and often unable to lift his baby, but on 15th November he gathered his family and friends together for the dedication service for Jonathan Baraka, and was determined to hold him himself.

The journey was hard and exhausting, daily trips to the hospital for radiotherapy, doctors visits, district nurses home visits, disturbed nights with frequent trips to the loo (every 20 minutes at one time),pipes, tubes and bags and perplexing pains in his wrists, but Norman pressed on with ever loving encouragement from Margaret and Grace (his step daughter), and wider circle of friends and family. Then came the never to be forgotten day when I received a text from Norman on January 18th from the hospital – his doctor told him the wonderful news, he was totally clear of all cancer; it was all gone from his body! A very tired and worn out Norman floated back home.

On Friday night we gathered round a table groaning with delicious food to celebrate, raise a toast to THE KING and HIS WONDERFUL WORKS IN HIS SON AND DAUGHTER ,Norman and Margaret, and then to thank God and pray for the next phase in their lives, for them to be faithful with this amazing testimony God has entrusted them with.

If last Friday was to be my last time of ministry in London before moving, what a high point to leave on. Our God is fantastic, doing far more than we can ever ask for or hope for! If you’d like this beautiful couple too come and share their inspirational story with your group or church, they will be only too willing to do it. Just let me know and I’ll put you in contact!

2 thoughts on “LEAVING ON A HIGH!

  1. Eugenia Nweje says:

    Hi Pastor Les
    Thank you!! you put a smile on my face this morning and a warm feeling in my heart,Our God is faithful, he will continue to do miracles,he promised us!!!
    with Love

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