Bending - good heart exerciseGoing to the hospital for my daily zapping I stood behind a smartly dressed, distinguished looking African guy on the up escalator listening to music through his ear phones, when suddenly he started singing out at the top of his voice. It was stunning.

Everyone looked round. where was this fabulous singing coming from? And he was oblivious. He was obviously just singing along to what he was listening to and forgot where he was!

His song was the Beatles, ‘Help!’ which has a falsetto part ‘ and he hit it perfectly. ‘Won’t you please, please help me, help meeee!’ I was knocked out.Everyone was smiling.

We reached the top of the escalator and he went on his way still singing, while I went my way humming and smiling. His song was still going round and round my head as they were preparing me for the radiotherapy machine having drunk my jug of water to get my bladder full ready for the zapping. Everything seemed to be going to plan, but five minutes into the treatment the machine jammed – with me inside it!

The technicians came back in and reassured me everything would be OK  just keep still.

But it wasn’t OK. My bladder was now very full and the machine was not going anywhere! They called for the engineers to come asking if I could hang on for another 10 minutes. I said ‘OK’, and then found myself singing ...

‘Help me if you can I’m feeling down…’Won’t you please, please help me, help meeee!’

And I did get help – the team leader decided that I’d had enough, took decisive action, got me out and fast tracked onto another machine. Oh the relief!!  They even gave me a cup of hot chocolate.

Did God get that guy singing  to hook that song in my brain ready for later? After all He does say He goes before us.

Then to finish it off, on my way home on the bus when it stopped outside Brixton tube station it filled up with lots of older Jamaican ladies going home from the market when on gets this guy and his wife. They are carrying  two huge laundry type bags and this coffee table above their heads. You couldn’t have made it up!

‘Char man, this isn’t Africa you know‘;

‘Move that leg out of my back’.

The driver plays a recorded message telling us that the bus is not moving until everyone has moved further down inside.

‘Don”t come near me with dat ting’

‘Move it away from me’.

Eventually the bus moves. The couple with the table aren’t from Africa. Speaking Spanish they looked like South American. I thought I can’t wait to see what’s  going to happen when we get to their stop!

‘Help me if you can I’m feeling down..’ and He did. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Ann of my day at radiotherapy!


One thought on “HELP ME IF YOU CAN

  1. Alan says:

    Fantastic Les – yes He goes before us – such love, amazing love, awesome love, He even has your name written on His hand. He helps us before we even think to ask Him – How marvellous, how wonderful that my song shall ever be, How wonderful how marvellous is my Saviours love for me.

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