Ladder Holders LATEST NEWS!

Les in Sarita's jumperMy course of radiation which started in January finished on Friday; some emotional goodbyes with staff and fellow cancer sufferers. They say I will continue ‘cooking’ for the next two weeks like food coming out of a micro wave oven continues cooking long after the ping has gone!  I certainly didn’t feel well enough to go out for a promised celebration meal this weekend as I was looking forward to doing.

  • I have my last hormone implant this week which will be effective for the next month, then, as its effect and that of the radiation slowly fade, I should start to feel ‘normal’ again and recover strength. So glad we were given a few extra days before moving as there is no way I could’ve faced it right now; my body feels totally zonked out!

We are looking to finally move out in the second week of April, having a last ‘At Home’ on Easter Saturday 2pm -4pm for any friends who haven’t been able to drop by yet to say good bye and pray with us.Please feel free to invite yourself and anyone else who you think might appreciate this opportunity.

My 92 year old dad is semi-comatose now, dying from prostate cancer, and only expected to have a few more days, so we are feeling  a bit overwhelmed by everything at the moment, and just so glad to be able to hide ourselves (cuddle up) in Christ, discovering that his grace really is made perfect in weakness.

Ann, such a tower of strength to me has been compiling a lovely memorial book in our dear friend Colin Ashdown’s memory, of all the tributes from the many who’s lives were impacted by him, especially those he helped disciple when they were young. He left an indelible mark on so many lives. Never underestimate the ‘power of one life’, if its focused on the only two things that last forever – the Word of God and the Souls of men.

We were visited by an old church member , Jonathan Stockdale, this week – bearing gifts! We’d helped arrange for him and his wife to visit our partners in India, Masih das and Sarita, and they gave him a jumper to bring back for me. Brought warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes!

We’ve still got a few bits and pieces  still needing a good home – a pine bedroom suite (double bed, wardrobe, and two bedside cabinets), a brown three seater sofa, and my pride and joy, a curved front tropical fish aquarium! Please let me know if interested.

Thanks for holding our ladder – the  encouragement and prayers and offers of help from so many is helping make the last few rungs of this climb a little more bearable!

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