welcome cardsThe deed has been done! Our roots have been pulled out of the ground and are now waiting to be planted deep again in new soil.

Everything happened in a blur on Thursday morning, the removal van arriving early from Walton bringing a new bed and sofa bed to put in the small flat in Clapham that Simon is going to be renting when he leaves university in two months time and where we can stay on our return trips to London.

It then loaded up our fridge, freezer, and two chairs and as many boxes and black sacks as they had room for, before heading east at 10.30am. At the same time some guys from the church had also hired a van and Continue reading

One more night!

The big move is getting near – one more night in our home for 34 years, then friends from our church arrive on Thursday to collect our superking bed, settees, book cases, wardrobes, chairs, tumble drier, and my lovely tropical fish aquarium. Today the washing machine went to a good home. Nearly every room is bare – except for the memories. Pastor Sam Kasango from Uganda rang me up today, asking what is happening to ‘his’ room and where will he stay when he comes over to London!

Lovely people have been dropping in all the time to help, say goodbye and to pray with us. I’m feeling pretty ‘cried out’. Continue reading

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Yesterday we said goodbye to my 92 year old dad. Having my two brothers share in the funeral service with me was special, as was seeing the chapel filled with lots of men, an indication of his sporting interests and career in the legal profession. One of the judges who came had left a trial at the Old Bailey at midday, caught a train to Chelmsford, attended the funeral then zoomed back to the Old Bailey. Continue reading