One more night!

The big move is getting near – one more night in our home for 34 years, then friends from our church arrive on Thursday to collect our superking bed, settees, book cases, wardrobes, chairs, tumble drier, and my lovely tropical fish aquarium. Today the washing machine went to a good home. Nearly every room is bare – except for the memories. Pastor Sam Kasango from Uganda rang me up today, asking what is happening to ‘his’ room and where will he stay when he comes over to London!

Lovely people have been dropping in all the time to help, say goodbye and to pray with us. I’m feeling pretty ‘cried out’. Three angels helped Ann clear out the kitchen this morning and pack the crockery and then washed all the cupboards down for us. Just when I was struggling dismantling a large wardrobe another angel (who just happens to be a carpenter!), and his wife appeared, and somehow we got the ton weight monster downstairs with the help of another two angels who dropped everything to come and rescue me.(NB Angels can be tough guy angels, as well as floaty in nighties angels!).  I’m going to lie low tomorrow when the dustmen come having filled up 2 wheelie bins of garden and shed odds and ends and things that were supposed to come in useful one day, but never did!

Never say that God doesn’t have a sense of humour. My Bible reading notes for yesterday in Exodus 12 were called, ‘Ready to Move?’ With packing boxes and chaos all around me I read on with extra alertness : what was God going to say to me ?

The passage outlined how the new life the Israelites are called to isn’t about ease and comfort, about Masterchef cooking and leisurely lunches. The food they eat (flat bread) is food for travellers, for pilgrims, and they’re to be ready to move as soon as they finish it. And we are to be just like them, and to be looking out for fellow travellers and to share with other pilgrims the resources they might need on their journey.

How amazing – at our last ‘open house’ we shared communion using flat bread, and put out lots of things for people to take. The prayer ending the Bible reading notes was:

‘Help me, God, to be ready to move with you, and to encourage those around me on the pilgrimage you’re calling us to go on.’

Could you please pray that for us, especially for Thursday, our last day here, and for Friday when we travel up to the ‘sunshine coast’ !

5 thoughts on “One more night!

  1. Dagfinn Staerk says:

    God bless your exit (from London) and your entrance (to your “new” home). Now you can look across the North Sea straight to Norway!

  2. Heike Sulz-Leed says:

    Dear les and ann, we wish you all the best, lots of strengh ….. For the days coming. Will pray for you! Lots of love, heike, micha and boys

    Von meinem iPod gesendet

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