Beaten and Kidnapped in Kinshasa

Marie Therese Nlandu and Noel Mbala’s family members were beaten and kidnapped in KINSHASA this week

During the night of 1st May 2013 between 1 am and 4 am several vehicles burst into Marie Therese and Noel’s home compound in Kinshasa, D R Congo and heavily armed men in police uniforms, beat and then arrested her two nephews, Noel’s brother and their housekeeper.  The house was ransacked and looted and under threat they took all the money.

Their whereabouts is not known and there is great fear for their lives, just because they are relatives of Marie Therese Nlandu who, as a Christian human rights lawyer expelled from Congo, spends her time in London and Brussels campaigning for justice and freedom on behalf of the many other innocents imprisoned by the police state led by corrupt President Kabila.
No reason or motive has been given for their abduction.
Marie Therese and Noel are members of the ALL NATIONS CHURCH in London and ask that we please bring their loved  ones before God, asking for Him to help them to remain strong, during this fiery ordeal

Guy Nkoko, nephew, married and father

Lesi Nsundi Luwawu, Noel’s brother , married and father

Makiesse Mbala, nephew of the couple, single

Gregory Kabanda, guardian, married and father.

Pray also that world leaders will stop supporting Kabila’s government who’s reign of terror includes the widespread use of murder, kidnap and rape as a means to silence its civilians, of which over 5 million have been killed since the invasion and civil war began in 1996.

We must not keep quiet and bring to the light what is happening in what was a peaceful, prosperous beautiful land, right at the heart of Africa.

‘Please Mr Kabila release these innocent, non political civilians without delay. You cannot make them just disappear : ‘The eyes of the Lord search to and fro across the land’.

One thought on “Beaten and Kidnapped in Kinshasa

  1. Norman says:

    Very sorry to hear this terrible news! We will keep this sincere and dedicated family in our prayers with the knowlege that our God reigns and he will bring their family members back home safely, and that justice and peace will prevail totally in the DRC.
    Norman & family.
    God Bless.

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