The news we’ve been wanting to hear has come through – the relatives of Marie Therese Nlandu and her husband Noel Mbala have been released, and no charges brought against them.

Guy Nkoko, Makiesse Mbala, (Nephews), Lesi Nsundi Luwawu, Noel’s brother , and Gregory Kabanda were all abducted by President Kabila’s men in the middle of the night from Marie Therese and Noel’s Kinshasa home on the 1st May.

Marie Therese and Noel are seen as enemies of the D R Congo because of their tireless campaigning for human rights and justice to be returned to Congo, and for an end to Kabila’s corrupt regime.

Thank God for this wonderful answer to prayer and continue to pray for those who seek to see the Kingdom of God established in our generation in the hot spots of the world ,like Marie Therese and Noel in the DR Congo, longing to rid it of the unenviable title ‘Rape Capital of the World’. They pay a big price for not turning away from these challenges.

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