What one woman with a head injury can accomplish for God.

putting love where love is notOn Sunday Ann & I joined in an exhilarating service in Peckham to hear Jenny Hensman just back from Zimbabwe update her prayer partners on progress made with setting up a 30 acre farm to help self finance her project aiming to place 100 orphans in small family houses with a mum. The farm is now producing 500 chickens for market every week, and she is caring for 19 children. This is remarkable when you know where she has come from.
Jenny was studying to be Baptist minister but suffered a nasty head injury which left her incapacitated, unable to concentrate, suffering unbearable headaches, ending up spending her days watching day time TV. On the sidelines.
But her desire to do something for God still burned within her in spite of her problems and over 10 years ago she saw our advert for a small part time job with Crossroads Pregnancy Crisis Centre pioneering going into schools talking about relationships. In spite of some misgivings she got the job, and stepped out in faith doing what she could, with what she had (enthusiasm and prayer) … and made a success of it , getting openings into many schools and putting Crossroads on the map.
Her confidence soared and following a holiday to Zimbabwe felt called by God to do something there for the numerous children orphaned because of HIV Aids, and so once again stepped out in faith and went out to live there, again doing what she could with what she had … enthusiasm and prayer.
And it’s happening…something ‘goddy’, something important and lasting, in spite of Jenny’s continuing head problems because God has seen something in Jenny He likes. Someone who does what they can with what they’ve got, enthusiasm and a prayerful spirit.
Similarly we’ve seen some remarkable answers to prayer as friends have done what they can HOLDING THE LADDER
  • to secure the release of MARIE THERESE & NOEL’S relatives kidnapped in Kinshasa,
  • to see ELNUR and his family granted political asylum in the UK,
  • for ERIC languishing forgotten in a D R Congo prison. We have just heard that the Belgium ambassador in Kinshasa has taken up his case as unjust and is bringing pressure for his release. Praise God!
Thank you for praying in response to these Knee Mails.
Could you please Hold the Ladder and pray for change in the next 24 hours concerning these urgent situations:
1. The mother of Ligia (a friend from Romania) who is seriously ill in hospital and needs a certain test to be carried out which keeps being postponed. Pray she’ll get the care she needs
2. Alice Abka who was reversed into by a car and is now hospitalised because of deteriating complications with her diabetes
3. The president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, who has been implicated in training and supporting M23 rebels destabilising Congo through gross human rights violations including raping and burning women alive, has been invited to address and receive an award at Oxford University Business School. If you believe that in stead of receiving an award he should be being brought to account for his crimes against humanity would you sign this petition and pray that this invitation would be with drawn?
Lets again see what happens when those who believe in prayer and want to see justice do what they can with what they have!
Hey, we are the world changers! Pray right now and watch this space for feedback!
Hugs and High Fives!

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