Smelling like sheep

Praising in the hallwayEveryone keeps asking how we are enjoying retirement!

Enjoyment is not the word I would use yet, as we are still waiting for God to open the next door for us. Having lived for 38 years like “shepherds living with the smell of the sheep” (as the new Pope described pastoral ministry), its hard to adjust just like that to another smell – the smell of the sea!

Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are still with those we no longer move amongst:

  • Like the one feeling very low after suffering a set-back in hospital – too far away for us to visit.

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Thirteen years trying to reach ‘untouchables’

Masih das & Sarita 213 years ago Masih das & Sarita Minz moved to Ghatsila in north east India with a strong burden to reach 150,000 ‘unreached’ people living in 50 villages mainly from the ‘outcast’ Santhali tribe.

Many of these villages have no transport links with the outside world, the people are extremely poor and illiterate, worshipping nature gods, idols, and coming under the influence of witchcraft, and offering animal sacrifices.

This is the latest progress report from a couple just trying to do their best for the Lord amongst people who speak a different language to them, eat different food to them and live in conditions totally foreign to them.They need their ladder holding! Continue reading

Fighting rape in the Congo

make-a-differenceContinue to hold the ladder for Richard and Agnes and their extended family of eleven. Richard miraculously escaped with his life two years ago after being hacked by machetes in an assassination attempt following his defection from the corrupt Kabila regime in Congo where he was one of the president’s right hand men.

Richard is now giving his life to protecting defenceless people living in the rain forest of war torn eastern border with Rwanda, and particularly coming against those using rape as a weapon of terror. Continue reading


do-you-have-e1290441008722Hold the ladder and water bottle for Chris and Sonia Donnan and others cycling between London and Cambridge on Saturday to raise vitals funds to support  the children at Molo Childrens Project, Kenya.

Crazy or what? Or perhaps just committed to making a difference to the lives of these no hoper kids who otherwise would live on the street.

Please at least give them a prayer tomorrow, or even visit the website and drop an encouraging comment or even a donation.

At a quarter to seven my mum died

Ordinary-kIt was 8.30 pm. I’d just come back from evening service at church and was taking my dog Disney for a walk along the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. It had been a powerful service, with my nephew Mark speaking, who the church are considering appointing as their youth pastor.

He gave a challenge at the end for us to stop inviting God to step into our small worlds and kind of help us out a bit, but instead for us to step into the wide open spaces of God’s ‘so much more’ world and be amazed at the way our lives will move up a level.

I had responded to that challenge, and told God I was sorry for trying to squeeze him Continue reading