Fighting rape in the Congo

make-a-differenceContinue to hold the ladder for Richard and Agnes and their extended family of eleven. Richard miraculously escaped with his life two years ago after being hacked by machetes in an assassination attempt following his defection from the corrupt Kabila regime in Congo where he was one of the president’s right hand men.

Richard is now giving his life to protecting defenceless people living in the rain forest of war torn eastern border with Rwanda, and particularly coming against those using rape as a weapon of terror.

 Hallelujah,the numbers being raped are at last going down because some brave people are putting their lives on the line

Richard’s wife and extended family are still in hiding in a safe country and extremely appreciative of our financial, spiritual and moral support. Never again think your life is tough…

If you’d like to help in any way with their food, rent, gas and electricity costs, and education costs so the kids can go to school, please let me know

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