Thirteen years trying to reach ‘untouchables’

Masih das & Sarita 213 years ago Masih das & Sarita Minz moved to Ghatsila in north east India with a strong burden to reach 150,000 ‘unreached’ people living in 50 villages mainly from the ‘outcast’ Santhali tribe.

Many of these villages have no transport links with the outside world, the people are extremely poor and illiterate, worshipping nature gods, idols, and coming under the influence of witchcraft, and offering animal sacrifices.

This is the latest progress report from a couple just trying to do their best for the Lord amongst people who speak a different language to them, eat different food to them and live in conditions totally foreign to them.They need their ladder holding!

‘In one of villages called Dampara we have been showing Christian love to the people by giving goats, rice dal, clothes, medicine and helping their children get an education.Masih das & Sarita 3

It is difficult doing the ministry in these villages because sometimes the tribal committee is active in opposing the gospel and also there are local terrorists. But we are doing our best for the Lord.

May and June is hot season for us with the temperature reaching 45 degrees or more, so we are not able to do much evangelism work. We did some open air meetings and people did listen which is a good thing about tribal people. We also went door to door visiting where we found three families who wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. We continue to follow them up now they are willing to accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and want to take water baptism.

Praise the Lord we almost finished the extension of a small church we built in one of the villages. The only things left to do is white washing, painting and putting in the front a small veranda which we can do later when we have funds because still we have to pay some bills.

But now we have this place we can re start children ministry for more than the150 children we have in the village whom we are teaching the Bible story, song and sharing practical things. Now we can also have seekers meeting, meeting for village people where we can share gospel to them and for the Church people for their spiritual growth, before we had not enough place. Thank you for kind prayer and support.

We try to help children so they may get their education. Now we have 26 children coming in from the villages staying with us in Ghatsila. Not one of them is a Christian. Some are from really remote villages and so poor their parents cannot able to pay for them to go to school.

Masih das & Sarita 4

So we look after them in our hostel during term time so they can go to the school. One children’s cost for lodging, food , laundry, transport and school fee is about £30 per term.      We also urgently need a hall and toilet and bath room for the boys, as the boys and girls are all in same place. We want a second one so this is the big need for the hostel.

Last week such a big storm and thunders came that damaged many things in the villages – house roofs were blown away, some of the houses fell down. In our home all our electrics were damaged; my computer monitor blew up. I brought new one, rest we still have to repair .

Masih das & SaritaWe want to say big thank you to all our friends who have helped  prepare us for ministry and for your kind prayer and support and friendship enable us to do all this for the lord our king.

Please it is a request, that after reading this news you feel some prompting from God to help us or like to support a child for his education than please contact us or Pastor Les Ball.

The little sacrifice we make will change one life… for eternity.

Thank You

Masih Das +Sarita Minz,


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