Take the handbrake off!

artcars-shuttlecar2-galleryWhen I read ‘there are accidental parents, but no accidental children’, in the 40 Days guide ‘What on earth am I here for ?’, my spirit soared.

My mum had me when she was a teenager, but it was no accident.

God wanted me here with some of her DNA to do a particular job. What a sense of responsibility this puts on me to make sure I keep focused on doing what He planned for me to do …every day. There’s can be no passion for life without a clearly defined purpose for life. And I’ve got a clearly defined purpose as this book is spelling out day after day.

And not just for me.

I’ve just heard of another 40 Day group springing up in a London hospital as someone doing the 40 Days Journey with us got asked by colleagues ‘What are you doing with that book and key ring?’ One became six! They are meeting up three lunchtimes a week to share how they are getting on.

Another friend we met in Romania has started doing it. He is an ex professional footballer and is praying everyday for 40 top sports people he knows in Romania to become Christians.

Tonight in Clapham a group of twelve 20/30’s are getting together to share and pray.  I am so encouraged by how this thing is running away, because its only in God we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny.What a difference this is going to make to so many people going through life now with the handbrake on – even oldies like me!

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