Carrying the Cross seemed so wrong

IMG_4271On Good Friday I was asked if I’d like to carry the cross and lead the procession down Walton High Street from Tesco’s to the Post Office. What an honour, what a privilege I thought – till I started!

Leading this silent solemn procession at a snail’s pace down the street with people stopping to look and children pointing and asking their mums what they were doing and not being able to declare out the Good news in a loud voice was so hard. Wearing my world map jacket every bit of me was itching to call out

‘Someone up there likes you, loves you, died for you.                              God loves people so much that He sent His only son to die for us so that everyone who starts to really believe in Him will get a brand new life that not even death can stop.

God isn’t about judging us, He loves us so, so much and wants to set us free from all our hurts, habits and hangups.

Come and join us, get on the end of the march and the same Tomb Buster power that conquered the grave could live in you!’

But I had to walk slowly, steadily, solemnly, silently, sharing in our Lords walk of shame (so I was told afterwards).

But I did smile at some people when the march organisers weren’t looking. And did pray on the street afterwards for a woman in a wheel chair who said she wanted to feel better.

I want to make Good Friday really GOOD next year by seeing if we can make it a Good News march.

One thought on “Carrying the Cross seemed so wrong

  1. David & Christine Moffat says:

    God bless you both this Easter and let his light shine through you to many others. love from David & Christine

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