You A KIP or you A LERT ?

UKIPIt’s been an eye opener being in the countryside and not London at election time. UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), posters are everywhere and everyone is very passionate about the need for keeping England for the English and putting up barbed wire border controls to keep all the European invaders out! Sadly many Christians are fast asleep and getting swept along with this tide of thinking, Continue reading

REST IN PEACE ‘Holding the Ladder’

P1020030After a year and a half of ‘Holding the Ladder’, it’s time to give a new direction to this blog.

Retiring after 38 exhilarating years serving God in London’s multi-national All Nations Church, and having been involved in so many ‘goddy’ things around the world was hard. There was a real sense of bereavement; being wrenched apart from brothers and sisters that we had been bonded to in the Holy Spirit was painful. How glad we were to have so many ‘Holding the Ladder’ for us as we had to climb up a new wall in a new place when I was at rock bottom emotionally and physically, having just undergone six months of radical treatment for cancer. If you were one who brought us before the throne of grace, a huge thank you!

God has been good and we feel we are getting linked in again with Continue reading