You A KIP or you A LERT ?

UKIPIt’s been an eye opener being in the countryside and not London at election time. UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), posters are everywhere and everyone is very passionate about the need for keeping England for the English and putting up barbed wire border controls to keep all the European invaders out! Sadly many Christians are fast asleep and getting swept along with this tide of thinking, not realising it’s the exact opposite of what Jesus died for.

Luke tells us in Acts1v3 that Jesus just focused on two things with his disciples during His last 40 Days on earth – convincing them that He really, really was alive and it was no figment of their imagination, and secondly going over and over again with His disciples what the Kingdom of God was about and what they were being left to establish on earth.

He wanted His passion for the Kingdom Agenda to be their life passion. It was time to bring about regime change; the kingdom of this world was to become the Kingdom of our Christ. Jesus crossThe work had been done on the cross, Jesus had brought the dividing wall of enmity between individuals, couples, cultures, and nations tumbling down on top of Himself on the cross, crushing the very life out of Him.

But He was now alive again and our part in God’s ‘Operation World’ was to go and proclaim this good news to every tribe, tongue and nation. No more divide between God and man and man and man! Wow!!

But what this election campaign has brought out into the light that there are powerful people in our country working to a different agenda , the exact opposite to the Kingdom agenda. They want to put barriers up; we want to see barriers come down so it’s easier to take the gospel to every nation

For years we prayed for eastern European countries under atheistic communist rule to be set free, and we smuggled Bibles in and did all we could to support the underground church. What joy when one by one the nations were set free!

But now, after all they have been through, Nigel Farage the UKIP leader says we won’t like having a Romanian living next door to us.What utter rubbish! We had one live with us for 6 months and have had various Romanians stay and visit us! They are absolutely delightful people!  I’d be more worried if I had a Arsenal or Millwall football supporter living next door to me (joke, Joke!).

I’m so glad Romania is in the EU and we can share in God’s Kingdom agenda for the world together. But I’m also very sad that in Romania a teacher (cleverer than me) only earns £150 per month and feel we should be doing all we can to further the Kingdom agenda to equalise people’s standard of living in every country of the world. God has no favourites. No one should be poor.

EU_and_Turkey_Locator_MapThe EU now has 28 nations trying to work together. What an achievement. This should be celebrated rather than knocked. Obviously there is still a long, long way to go, many things about the EU aren’t good and we should be alert to that and be positive to what has been achieved and work to make it better.

Because of the EU, I am the first generation of English men for many years not to experience a war against Germany or France.

My dad went to war. My Grandad went to war. My great granddad went to war. But I haven’t. Thank God.

Jesus came to undo what the devil had done,

‘The son of God appeared for this very reason, to destroy (undo) what the devil had done’.(1 Jn3v8)

Lets be A Lert to those who would want to rebuild dividing walls.

JesusYou Kip if you want to, but I’m marching to another agenda.

2 thoughts on “You A KIP or you A LERT ?

  1. Dominic Moass says:

    Hmm I disagree with the general point of the article. I see God-given responsibility to help others starting first and foremost in my home country, and I don’t think uncontrolled immigration helps the people here. A lot of myths are peddled that UKIP want to stop all immigration and withdraw completely from the world but it’s simply not true. UKIP’s policy is controlled immigration, regardless of who you are and where you’re from. I don’t think euroskepticism goes against the teachings of Jesus – I don’t think it’s for any one person to say what Jesus’ political beliefs would be.

  2. Mike Burgess says:

    I disagree with what you have written Les.
    UKIP is first and foremost standing for independence from control by the European Union and for the Uk to make its own laws without having to follow the dictates of an unelected and totally corrupt group of leaders.
    75% of our laws are decided by our European leaders – yet we don’t know the names of even one of them! Much less we did not vote for them. Not to mention the billions of pounds that have simply vanished and remain unaccounted for and the lack of any transparency within the EU finances. Did you know that 95% of EU expenditure cannot be accounted for? Who would remain in your church if 95% of the expenditure was unaccounted for?
    We were deceived deliberately by Edward Heath who knew full well what he was signing up to by leading us into the common market.
    I am not fast asleep, and for it to be so suggested that I am for voting UKIP is an insult. In my area, we have a born-again Christian standing for UKIP – in fact you even know her.
    It is intimated that UKIP supporters are racist. I have been best man for two Nigerians at their weddings; have 25 nationalities in my congregation; travel to many nations every year sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ; was last summer in Romania working with the poorest of the poor who live upon the rubbish dumps; was in court a few days ago helping an asylum seeker and his family in their attempts to settle here and flee the persecution of their homeland. I could write much more on that point, but am not prepared to be regarded of as racist because I desire the best for UK by wanting our separation from European governance.

    You have mentioned war, and link the fact that no war has occurred in western europe for these past 60 years as a benefit derived from EU membership. The reason we have had no war is because we have had democracies in western Europe since WW2. And democracies {European ones} do not invade other European countries – that is something dictators do. But democracy is fast evaporating from Europe again.
    The EU is not a democracy – the European Council is unelected, not accountable and cannot be removed by the people of Europe. It is increasingly becoming a dictatorship and the future will show more and more the true colours of this organisation.
    Two of the main symbols of the EU are the woman riding the beast (at Strasbourg and Brussels and also depicted on the 2 Euro coin) and the tower of babel – even the design of the building in Strasburg is based upon the tower of babel. At the heart and foundation of the EU is a desire to bring about a unity that is demonic and not the unity you mention in your message. The wall which Jesus broke down was primarily between Jew and Gentile so that we might all have access to our heavenly father through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death.
    God created the nations when man tried to create a demonic union at the first tower of babel. He separated and created the languages. On the day of Pentecost a unity was formed again and tongues/languages were given from the Holy Spirit. The only true unity is not a man made one but can only come from the Holy Spirit. The dividing wall that Jesus brought down was to create a new man in Christ – outside of Christ there is no removal of any dividing wall. He broke down the enmity of the law and replaced it with a new covenant of righteousness through faith in Jesus. The verse you quote has nothing to do with enmity between couples, cultures or individuals.

    You are ‘so glad that Romania is in the EU and we can share in God’s Kingdom agenda’. Sharing in God’s kingdom agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with EU membership! I will share in God’s kingdom agenda in Africa again next month; shared it in India last month; Kuwait a few months ago; etc etc.
    God’s kingdom agenda is not about getting all countries into the EU under one government – the obvious progression of such a thought is to have the whole world open and united and part of the EU and a world leader ruling over us all. Of course the bible tells us of such a satanic end-time plan and I would suggest the ones who are really asleep are the ones promoting such a one world, new world order to come into existence.

    The single currency has caused untold social damage to countries like Greece. EU imposed laws on countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland have created great social injustice and inequality; huge unemployment; social unrest and led to many young people committing suicide, turning to drugs and other escapisms to escape their hopelessness. What kind of kingdom agenda is that?
    When those countries were self governed and were not forced to all become one borderless entity, they were far more prosperous and free from the dreadful circumstances they now experience.
    In fact trying to make us all ‘one’ is not God’s aim outside of Christ. Our diversity is something to celebrate – yet the EU robs us of national identity and seeks to call us all Europeans with the aim of soon having one leader; one central bank; one foreign policy; one army; one currency; one highest court; etc.
    The EU directives pushed the UK to adopt gay marriage; gay adoption under the guise of equality.The European court of human rights places the rights of seemingly all minorities, all groups and whosoever above the rights of Christians. Try to witness or pray in the work place; allow who we want into our own B&B’s; preach on the streets; declare Christ to be the only way; stand up against abortion and much more – and you will soon see which side the European Court of Human Rights takes.
    I am not ashamed to stand against the many principles of the EU listed above.

    I am marching towards extending God’s kingdom which is by establishing the Lordship of Christ. By preaching the gospel which is God’s power unto salvation.
    To liberate our nation from the EU is in my opinion the best way to allow the Judaeo-Christian heritage we have to again influence this world. First bind the strongman – i.e bring liberation.

    I agree with you that no one should be poor. But Jesus said you shall always have the poor with you. The only time I read in my bible when there was no poverty was when the early church sold all they had and none had any need among them.
    This came about by the preaching of the gospel – not by social programmes; not by a man made attempt to create unity. It came as a result of repentance; prayer and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    I will love and be friendly towards whoever my neighbour is, wherever he is from and whomever he supports! Let’s first get free from the EU and then let us be a blessing to the nations of the world.
    The only party that wants to set us free from the EU is UKIP. Do I agree with all they stand for? No, I don’t.
    But I agree with the most important and number one policy which is UK independence, hence the name of the party.

    Either we want EU control or we don’t. If you want that, I respect your view, but don’t agree. If you don’t want that, there is only one option. Not a perfect option – but the only option, and that is UKIP.

    with warm regards and every blessing

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