Peace Dove lightOur world, entrusted to us by God to look after, is in a desperate mess,

  • Israel locked in a no holds barred heart breaking conflict withb,
  • Russia and Ukraine blaming each other for shooting down of a passenger plane and blowing up 280 people innocently sitting down watching movies, listening to music, snoozing.
  • Syria blowing it self to bits.
  • Iraq terrorising its own inhabitant, forcing Christians to flee homes and country in unprecedented numbers,
  • Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman forced to give birth in Sudan prison fears that her daughter’s possible disability is directly related to the fact that she gave birth with her legs shackled together.
  • In Pakistan four Christians are on death row on fabricated charges of blaspheming the name of Mohamed.
  • And in ‘the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman today’, the D R Congo, day after day hundreds of women and girls are systematically raped as a weapon of terror.

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