putting love where love is not‘Please can you come and help our mum? cried the two children knocking on our door on Boxing Day. Ann rushed out. Their mum had collapsed in the street. Ann put her in the recovery position, called an ambulance and calmed the children.

They were a Muslim family from Pakistan, trying to better themselves in London. When her husband tragically died Continue reading

DON’T MESS UP IN 2015 (part two)

In Part one of ‘Don’t Mess Up’, we saw how concerned Jesus was for the future generations of believers splintering into ‘I do it my way groups’, that his last prayer focused on us keeping together. He knew that divided we fall…

Part Two ‘Don’t Mess up in 2015’, THE MIRACLE OF QUECREEK Continue reading


messed upWhat’s your angle on this new year that God has entrusted to you? 365 days of much the same with a few new specific hopes and dreams thrown in?

Consider that remarkable statement by Jesus at the young age of 33, on the night before He died: ‘I have FINISHED the work (the assignment) you gave me to do’ (John 17v4).

Amazing.  How much I’d like to be able to say the same the night before I Continue reading