messed upWhat’s your angle on this new year that God has entrusted to you? 365 days of much the same with a few new specific hopes and dreams thrown in?

Consider that remarkable statement by Jesus at the young age of 33, on the night before He died: ‘I have FINISHED the work (the assignment) you gave me to do’ (John 17v4).

Amazing.  How much I’d like to be able to say the same the night before I die.

passing the batonJesus had spent three years bringing something of heaven down to earth, and knew that hand over time was approaching . He’d finished the preparation work of setting everything up for a new way to come on earth

Had done a thorough job in training those to be his successors in how to release what was in heaven down here on earth and into people’s lives. Had shown them a new kind of preaching that touched peoples spirits, imparting life, not condemnation, and how to heal the sick, their minds, spirits, and bodies. It was indeed a day of Good News for very hard times.

He showed them a revolutionary new way to pray that is so simple ( Matt 6v7-13,The Disciples Prayer)

  • begin with Praise
  • then get your Priorities lined up with God’s
  • then ask for the Provision needed to make it happen
  • then ask for Pardon for the mess ups one inevitably makes
  • and finish off with asking for much needed Power to be an overcomer.

He took them with Him everywhere for three years getting them to put all this new Kingdom stuff into practice, and now comes the time when he knows He has to hand it all over to them, completely.

dont mess upSo He begins praying for them that they won’t mess up.  John tells us the Lord’s prayer for them in John 17 v 9-19

But then He does something that challenges me so much – He then starts praying for the next generations of disciples, praying down the years to us today.

FutureGenerationslogoIts scary. He prays that in 2015 we won’t mess it up (v20-23) And notice the number one thing on his heart, the number one threat as he sees it to cause us to mess up: FALLING OUT WITH EACH OTHER

Five times prays we’ll be one.

The thing that concerns Him the most about us is that we will have the same kind of oneness he had with his father, that we will all burn with the same flame, (both He and His Father had a burning passion to see the Kingdom of  earth), and that every Christian is aiming for the same goal  ‘may God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven

A PASSION FOR UNITY – that’s his passion for your church, more than purity, being sound, being filled with HS, being outward looking – as important as these things are, his number one concern is there will be a heart link, bond between us.

Can’t you lay down your goals for His this year?

(Part Two ‘The Miracle at Quecreek’ will follow soon)

One thought on “DON’T MESS UP!

  1. Denis Bradshaw says:

    Yes Les you are right – Jesus does pray a lot that believers we will be in unity – always a challenge to get on with some others in our church and with other churches – its a good job that He has given us His unifying Holy Spirit with the fruit of love, patience etc – so it is possible with God’s help. Blessings. Denis

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