How low will the enemy of souls sink?

masih das.jpg2Earlier this week we were greatly encouraged when 300 people at an early morning prayer meeting in London were praying into the situation, and exactly at that same time, but five hours ahead in India, the police decided to drop murder charges against Masih das and Sarita. Our hopes were raised for a good resolution for what we saw as a spiritual attack on these two.

But recent developments have totally knocked the wind out of our sails.  If what local people are saying is correct, then it looks if the depraved, enemy of God’s work in the world has managed to put an end to this beautiful ministry, to the poorest of the poor, in one of the most deprived parts of the world by one simple diabolical act. Continue reading

Bethany House Tragedy

Sarita being beatenAn intruder broke in last night and killed one of the children. The parents of the murdered child and their village blamed Masih das and Sarita and in typical Hindu way took vengeance out on Masih das and Sarita and mobbed Bethany House in retaliation, badly beating Masih das and Sarita and trashing that lovely place, a real outpost of heaven in a pagan stronghold. The rioting by over 1000 people went on for over five hours until police gained control. Continue reading


dismaland3Woke up with tears streaming down my face this morning. God’s lovely son died to tear down the dividing walls between the races, nations and sexes; very soon we’ll be putting them up all round ‘island mentality’ Britain again.I went to bed hoping to wake up in Great big hearted  Britain, but instead its Sad keep out Britain.

Its going to be even harder to say to people when we go over the English Channel on our mission trips to people who Continue reading


disagreeWHEN CHRISTIANS DISAGREE – ‘Should we stay or should we leave?’

Many Christians have totally different views about the referendum vote that’s divided couples,families, churches and communities here in the UK

Many seem to have been sucked in by the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ political focus on issues like the economy, immigration, sovereignty, and have taken  sides forgetting that we Christians belong to a different Kingdom, with different values and the question we should be asking is ‘How would our sovereign King Jesus want me to vote to further His plans for the world?’

Some Christians see the EU as satanic noting that the European Parliament building in Strasbourg bears strong resemblance to the shape of the Tower of Babel (as depicted in the oil paintings of Bruegel the Elder), which was a symbol of rebellion against God. They say the EU “want to restore and finish what God destroyedContinue reading