jesus in boatIt was good to make contact with Masih das and Sarita on the phone again, although they are still too traumatised to say very much. I was able to reassure them of the love and prayers from many around the world. Hearing his struggle to speak reminded me of the first message Masih Das gave in English when he spoke at All Nations Church in London about Jesus telling his disciples to ‘go to the villages on other side’, (of the lake). It was very moving as he explained to us the great need of tribal people on ‘the other side’ of India’s prejudice ridden society, and the need for Christians to go to this socially deprived Hindu stronghold.

We learnt that there are four social groups or castes in India, the Brahmins being the upper class, which is where most of India’s new wealth is going, a result of British Raj’s policy between 1860 and 1920, when they segregated Indians by caste, granting administrative jobs and senior appointments only to the upper castes. They excluded certain groups, the ‘untouchables’, (now known as Dalits), from this system; they were ‘on the other side’ of humanity.

They still are.

In 2000 a new state, Jharkhand, was formed for these uneducated outsiders, ‘the tribals’. And it was to these, after completing their Bible School theology degree that Masih Das and Sarita felt called, even though they didn’t speak their language or eat their food.  And what a tough time they had getting a foothold in this Hindu stronghold. Small village churches were started as villagers started responding to the gospel message of the God who put skin on and came to live on earth to set us free from fear and idol worship.

P1030431It was a privilege to help them establish Bethany House and Grace Community Fellowship so village children could have an education and have a taste of life in the Kingdom of God. But we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but the dark ruling spiritual powers, who did not like having their stranglehold on these people challenged. The back lash came in the most diabolical way, seeking to strangle the spiritual life out of Grace Community Fellowship and close Bethany House.

Please join us in praying

  • that God will HEAL Masih das and Sarita emotionally and physically and bind up their broken hearts.
  • that they will be restored by a new experience of the depth of God’s love for them, and be able once again to be able go back to the place where the tragic murder happened and 1000 people attacked. Perfect love casts out all fear
  • that they will be encouraged to “Be sure to finish the task you were given in the Lord’s service.” (Col4v17)

When the disciples went to villages on  ‘the other side’ they were hit by a life threatening storm that nearly capsized their boat. But Jesus brought them through.

May He stir Himself and bring Masih das through.

 ‘The Other side’ need Masih das and Sarita;

‘The Other Side’ needs the liberating touch of the Jesus they carry in their hearts.

Love Gifts to help with whatever medical or legal costs might be needed to help them move forward can be paid into ICICI Bank, Sort Code  30-00-81  Account number 75094270

One thought on “THE OTHER SIDE

  1. Mark says:

    God bless you and your family Pastor Lesley.

    This is pastor Mark Williams. Thank you for taking me on the mission to India to do Gods work.

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