shock-waves-on-radar-joel-kahn‘The Lords message ran out from you , echoing out like a cry in a dark cave’, said the Apostle Paul of the impact of the believers in Thessaloniki (1Thess 1v8).

He was 350 miles in Corinth in Greece and was amazed to hear of people talking throughout Greece and Macedonia of the changed people down in Thessaloniki. He tells them that, ‘Your faith in God has become known everywhere’.

It thrilled Paul. He had only been in their city for 3 weeks before being run out of town; would these baby Christians survive? He needn’t have worried. The gospel had obviously changed them inside out, and being covered by Paul’s prayer, they just took off. And a whole region was impacted.

By one church. The salt was salty; the light was bright.salt

Like the church meeting in Bethany House. A whole region has been impacted.

  • Gospel Words have been proclaimed.
  • Gospel Works have been displayed.
  • Gospel Wonders have been experienced.

And the controlling forces of darkness have taken notice and decided enough is enough, and come out into the open all guns blazing. A tragic murder. A mob of 1000. Masih das and Sarita have spent the last seven nights sleeping rough on the floor of the police station, the safest place for them at the moment. Bethany House is silent.

masih das.jpg2Even their son living 1250 miles away, (34 hours by train) has been threatened by Hindu militants

Speaking to them there is a sense that the shock waves of what has happened to them was not entirely a surprise, because the Lord’s message has rang out from them. Their desire is that when the murder trial is over the Lord’s message will once again ring out

Our job, like Paul’s is to keep praying for them from a distance; for healing, for repairs to the house, and for fear to flee.

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