When the bottom of your world drops out

And all you can see is oblivion. And you wonder how long you can hold on. That’s how we feel with the breaking news in the local Hindi media on Friday, that the murderer of the 10 year old boy in Bethany house a month ago was in fact one of the fellow boys staying there. He has confessed to being engaged in a homosexual act in the middle of the night with a younger boy when the murdered child got up to go to the toilet and saw them. And so smashed his head in and then went back to bed. Masih Das and Sarita have now been charged with negligence, of being in charge of children and knowingly letting sordid sexual activity take place on their premises. The local community want the book thrown at them.

In India homosexual acts are called sodomy , make headline news and treated as an outrage. The locality want vengeance and today Masih Das and Sarita are being sent to prison awaiting trial knowing that their reputation as Christian workers has been destroyed. They are broken beyond words. Sarita could only sob down the phone to me last night. We cannot go to where they are nor can Aman their son for fear of a riot if we are seen.

We are all in such pain. Heaven seems to be sobbing as well with heavy drops of warm monsoon rain falling. And rumbles of thunder. We are in a bleak place.

Christian lawyers are getting on board to try and find a way through this nightmare, but the reality of the legal system over here is that money has to pass hands if you want to be treated favourably, even though you are innocent. Even Christians do it.We can’t get our heads round this.

The police could file a report that totally distorts the beautiful place Masih Das and Sarita had established for illiterate village children, painting it as a den of sexual perversion with young children regularly engaging in sexual activity – but if some money passed hands …???

We had been given two carved olive wood shaped hearts from Bethlehem to give them. Hopefully they will get them before taken to the prison later today and can hold onto them as a sign that they are hidden in Gods heart and nothing can pluck them from Him, ‘you are mine’ He says. Will you please pause reading this and pray that right now for them?

Thank you.

Will  you also pray for them to have an experience like David had in 1 Samuel 30 v6 , when the bottom had fallen out of his world and he felt entirely isolated and facing being stoned for a situation about which he could do nothing. Please read it and plead with God to do it for these two choicest, gentlest, godliest brothers and sisters in Christ. If you can get a small group to pray please let me know, we need all the encouragement we can get. The local believers seem to have become invisible , ‘they all have left’. And how that hurts them.

Masih Das and Sarita seem to have literally no one right now to hang onto except the Lord. But then isn’t that what faith is all about? Isn’t that when he comes in? Isn’t that when his power is made perfect, in our totally utter weakness?

Come Lord Jesus.

12 thoughts on “When the bottom of your world drops out

  1. David and Christine says:

    May God give you all the grace strength to be like Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego (Dan 3:17-18). We pray with you that He will be glorified in this and be the extra person in prison with them.

  2. Bel littlehales says:

    Dear Les & Ann, how our heart breaks to hear this, praying for peace that passes all understanding, especially for Surita & Masih da, & you too.

  3. Christine says:

    I am sure there is a battle going on in the heavenlies to overcome this evil.
    Praying and pleading.
    May the Lord our God be all to you and Masih das n Sarita that you need. Trusting the God of 2 Chron 20 – …you will not have to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position and see the salvation of the Lord … as you keep your eyes on Him. May His name be glorified. Praying His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Surrounding you all and their son with love and prayers. God is still on the throne … His promise is true He will not forget you. Praise the Lord. Google this song and join me in singing – In the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus we have the victory … satan will have to flee. Love to you all.

  4. Sheron Robinson says:

    Praying for them both. May God give them the STRENGTH not to become discouraged – but the COURAGE to share the “Good News” …. May the Great I AM, cause His face to SHINE upon his Son & Daughter!!! What was meant for evil, God will turn this situation around for HIS NAME SAKE ….

    In Jesus Name.

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