No Borders

(FILES)US Border Patrol agents Colleen Agle and Richard Funke (L) patrol the border between Arizona and Mexico at the town of Nogales in this July 28, 2010 file photo. Twenty thousand new border patrol agents, hundreds of miles of fencing, billions of dollars in drones, radar and sensors: US lawmakers are proposing a militaristic remedy to staunch illegal immigrant flow from Mexico. The Senate is expected June 24, 2013 to green-light the most important amendment yet to the landmark immigration bill, but the measure -- designed to placate Republican concerns about security -- would ensure that the border region is one of the most highly policed zones in the Western Hemisphere. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON

In the Kingdom of God there are no borders, just one world wide, passport free, fellowship zone – a bit like the euro-zone but worldwide and where everyone is related to each other, off springs of the same Father (but different mothers!). Life in this invisible Kingdom is glorious, so different to life in an earthly nation with borders and passport controls and visas and refugee camps and prejudice and isolation and loneliness.

When one of our brothers or sisters in this borderless Kingdom suffers then we all feel it, even if they are on the other side of the world. When Masih das and Sarita had their whole life turned upside down by one act of wickedness, a world wide wave of care, concern, love and prayer flowed into northern India. Two months earlier another Christian church planter like Masih das was on his way to a village a few miles from Ghatsila to preach the gospel when he was also attacked by Hindu extremists. Deepak was stripped, beaten for five hours until losing consciousness, given electric shocks and threatened with being thrown on a railway track unless he insulted Jesus. ‘Kill me , but I will not abuse the name of Jesus’, he said. Miraculously he came through this ordeal alive.

Another wave of love and concern flowed into north India from the invisible Kingdom without borders.These guys really are ‘Christ ones’.persecuted5

Through the suffering of believers like these, prayer missiles are now targeting India daily, even hourly from around the world. Masih das and Sarita are still in the fiery furnace, still in prison, Masih das is struggling with a fever, but has his Bible and knows there is a whole world wide community rooting for him. They have made one appearance in the local court charged with not protecting the young people in their care from knowingly being sexually exploited. There is absolutely no evidence of sexual activity going on in Bethany House apart from confessions beaten out of some of the children by police interrogators. The aim of the Hindu militants is to discredit and close down the fine reputation and witness of Bethany House in this Hindu heartland.

missileThe lawyers want to get Masih das into a higher court so they can publicly testify to the abuse they have endured and in so doing encourage all the believers in the region who are feeling intimidated at this time. We’ve started arming our intercontinental ballistic prayer missiles with one of God’s great unfailing promises passed onto us by two prayer partners which encourages us greatly. Perhaps you could also arm one of your prayers with this promise for Masih das and Sarita:

‘No weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged.
Any accuser who takes you to court  will be dismissed as a liar.
This is what God’s servants can expect.
I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.”
God’s Decree’.

(Isaiah 54:17 Msg)

2 thoughts on “No Borders

  1. Jean Samuels says:

    Hi Les and Ann, Thank you for the latest update from Masih Das and Sarita. I (we) have been praying much for them ‘languishing in prison’. We pray that Masih Das’ fever will be healed, in the Name of Jesus. As you mentioned prayer beaming into their situation, and into the wider situation of such brutal persecution, to be brought into the public eye, will be resolved, for God’s glory. I was reminded of a quote by Ronald Dunn in one of his books: “Prayer is the secret weapon of God’s kingdom. Like a missile it can be fired to any spot on earth, travel undetected at the speed of thought, and hit its target every time.” That’s God’s awesome power at work! We have a mighty God! I know that all that the Christian lawyers are doing and trying to do, will take time – frustratingly slooow, but, in God’s perfect timing and right on target, He will step in and put satan to flight. Praying for you too. May you be encouraged by the number of folks upholding in prayer and intercession, those two dear servants of the Lord. In Jesus Name, Jean


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