When the King stirs himself

Image result for wimpThe Christian life is not for wimps; I expect you found that out a long time ago. We follow someone who was mocked, laughed at, misunderstood by his own family, criticised, run out of town, abused, rejected, betrayed, and then executed by the religious establishment for not being religious enough.  Why then do we Christians seem surprised when letting people know we are following this Jesus that we get the mickey taken out of us, are criticised, misunderstood, and isolated and kept at arm’s length by people who think of us as ‘religious’.

Following Jesus means that sometimes we’ll be hurt. Continue reading

Join the 20.15 Club

The Battle is not yours, but GodsThank you for standing with us in prayer in this struggle for justice for missionaries Masih das and Sarita facing trumped up charges in India to close down their church planting work amongst the Santhali tribal people.

Monday 5th September is Masih das’ birthday; its also the date of another possible court appearance to apply for bail. I say possible because promised dates have come and gone because either the police have failed to turrn up, or else they haven’t had their papers properly prepared, anything to extend the time Masih das and Sarita are kept in custody. We understand this is a common tactic that could go on for three months.

We have tried everything we can to get them released and have become very disheartened and discouraged at the Continue reading