Join the 20.15 Club

The Battle is not yours, but GodsThank you for standing with us in prayer in this struggle for justice for missionaries Masih das and Sarita facing trumped up charges in India to close down their church planting work amongst the Santhali tribal people.

Monday 5th September is Masih das’ birthday; its also the date of another possible court appearance to apply for bail. I say possible because promised dates have come and gone because either the police have failed to turrn up, or else they haven’t had their papers properly prepared, anything to extend the time Masih das and Sarita are kept in custody. We understand this is a common tactic that could go on for three months.

We have tried everything we can to get them released and have become very disheartened and discouraged at the seemingly lack of heavenly intervention. It seems that this is becoming a test of enormous proportions to not only Masih das but also their friends and prayer partners around the world. How to keep knocking on heaven’s door when you can’t hear a sound from the other side?

Our pastor Mark and Sarah, brought us a present from their holiday with the words of 2 Chronicles 20v15 on it : ‘The Battle is not yours , but God’s’. Other dear friends have also pointed us to this scripture. We think God is wanting to tell us something!

Would you like to join us in exploring how to work this out in reality? We’d like to form what I’m calling our 20.15 club. Friends who will commit themselves to join us in praying this verse back to God , saying ‘I’m taking my hands off this case , Lord, and handing it over to you. I’m looking foreward in faith to seeing just how YOU WILL win this spiritual battle for the future of the gospel in Ghatsila’.

persecuted5Perhaps you might want to print off the photo of this verse and put it somewhere to remind you to keep knocking on heavens door? If you don’t have access to a printer , let me know and we’ll post one to you.

Please don’t forget these two and the scattered children and scattered believers out there in the ‘land of the untouchables’.  Its so easy for them to become out of sight and out of mind.

Please reply if you want to join the 20.15 club and I’ll keep you updated on how the battle develops.

10 thoughts on “Join the 20.15 Club

  1. Christine Moffat says:

    Is it a co-incidence that your blog carries an advert for lubrication under extreme conditions? We need the oil of the mighty holy spirit of Jesus brought into this situation. Teach me Lord to wait on you, asking that he come in his power and grace.

  2. Yes please,count us in.
    The adverts are user specific ,usually to what you have recently been looking at. Ours was for Sun awnings. Following the previous comments then ours could mean Gods protection.Sorry if thats a bit obtuse.

  3. R TYLER says:

    Dear Les and Ann Have printed off the poster. Please include us in the 20.15 Club. Strangely I was awake at 5am this morning remembering Masih das and Sarita. Presumably you are keeping your bags packed! In our prayers as always, Carmen and Roger

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