It must be this week, next week will be too late …

The battle belongs to the Lord

Providing he holds his nerve and doesn’t let fear engulf him, David can’t miss! Goliath’s size will be his downfall. Just aim in the right direction and its likely to be a bulls eye! The Indian giant of injustice and corruption we are facing can’t avoid being hit by our prayers.

The Hindu festival season is starting – bad news.  On October 7th the courts close down till November for the celebrations in honour of many of their ‘gods’. If Masih das and Sarita’s bail application isn’t heard this week then its another 3 weeks behind bars for them with nothing likely to happen, 3 long weeks of their lives locked away in a place that they never thought they’d ever be held in. They’ve visited prisons, done prison ministry, taken in food and basic malarial medicines to prisoners  but never tasted prison life from inside a cell as a remand prisoner.

We pray on for their release

We pray on that they might be true over-comers in this hell hole and shine for Jesus

We pray on for the 38 dispersed children and parents of the murdered boy

We pray on for the confused believers feeling abandoned in the villages masih das.jpg2

We pray for their son and other relatives worried stiff at what is happening and the hostile media coverage.

However you pray, whatever you pray, it will find the target. Goliath will fall, and then we can joyfully cut his head off and celebrate the sweet taste of freedom.                                                                                                                    Mail is getting through and we’ve been able to communicate with them that believers worldwide are aware of their situation and praying, they’ve responded asking me to give a big thank you to all praying for them. They sense they are being held up on wings like eagles.

If you’d like to send a card or letter of encouragement please email me for their address.

But now get your sling ready and send heaven-wards a prayer for them ; ‘May their court hearing actually happen Lord, THIS WEEK!’

Bulls eye!


5 thoughts on “It must be this week, next week will be too late …

  1. Ruth Lee says:

    Hi Les, our greeting to you and Anne, thank you for keeping us all so invaluably updated, and thank you for Eagle Believers. Our prayers join with yours and those others around the world. Yes please Les we would like to write to Masih das and Serita, please forward your email, many thanks. In Christ who strengthens us to face each new morning we send our love, Ruth (Lee)

  2. Norman Lewis says:

    We are so sorry to hear of their plight but they are constantly in our prayers and we know the our Great master above will grant their freedom according to his will.
    We also hope that you and Ann are keeping well. Stay Blessed
    Norman and family.

  3. shirley woodman says:

    Thank you, Les for latest news about Masih Das & Sarita. Yes, please, I would like to write to them. shalom, Shirley

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