Beautiful Church



I was remembering the Festival of Talents we had in All Nations church, London, on the 6th November the year before Ann & I retired. Unbelievable creativity and talent was unleashed – music, gospel singing, gospel choir, youth choir, new songs, cooking, cake decorating, knitting, ceramics, hip hop, dance, poetry, stand up, art, and the opening ofstyle-closet

The 50’s themed fashion show was astounding, our girls and guys were unrecognisable, so graceful, so glamorous, and the Mothers and daughters fashion show …wow!

And at the end of it some people wanted Jesus to heal and unlock their lives and clean them up and set all that God had put in them free by being baptised…

It was beautiful, church at its best

Church, definitely not as my granny knew it, but certainly as heaven knows it!

Church – there’s nothing like it in the universe!

CHURCH , beautiful church– Lets Rise Up and be AMAZING


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