Struggles and storms‘When you are on the road so much, how do you still manage to keep close to God and pray in a meaningful way,’ was my question to an evangelist we’d had working with us for a couple of weeks . He had been so powerful, serving us fresh bread every day, straight from heaven’s ovens.  What he shared with me had a profound effect, it was so practical.

‘Pray first for God to give you a DESIRE to pray, to put a ‘want to’ in you. It has to start inside you. Then as that desire starts to develop and expand in your spirit start to put in place prayer DISCIPLINES that work for you – have a regular daily 5 minute ‘appointment’ with God, go for a daily walk with God, use the prayer guide Jesus gave us during these times (the Lord’s Prayer). Discipline yourself to do it every day for a month, and very soon, he promised me you’ll find it starts to become a DELIGHT.

And it did. Praying with an olive-wood cross from Israel nestled in my hand, it started to release me into worship and I’d find myself singing out loud as I walked as the old rugged cross became so precious to me.


I’m having to go back to these principles again having struggled to cope with the seeming silence from heaven over the Bethany House tragedy in India, and the imprisonment of Masih Das and Sarita, two of the godliest mission workers you will ever meet.                           persecuted5Since June we’ve waited for the accusations made against them to be brought before a judge. Time after time the court has not been able to operate because papers or people were not in the right place at the right time. Unbelievable incompetence. So much disappointment. And two innocent Christian workers languish forgotten in two decrepit Indian prisons.

It’s back to the DISCIPLINE of prayer walks, holding on to the cross where our saviour suffered so much. What encourages me is the walk two disappointed disciples had to Emmaus.                                                                                                                                                       They were astounded to find that in fact their disappointment turned out to be His Appointment with them. They found Jesus was right there walking with them IN THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT , and they were reinvigorated and recommissioned. They took a jet-propelled journey back into the heart of things!!!.Holy Spirit

I’m praying my walks will also be transformed.

‘Lord, please join me on my walk, please make my disappointment your appointment to recommission me; I want my delight back’

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