About ‘Eagle Believers’

Les & Ann pic‘Chicken Run’ theology seems to have infiltrated the minds of so many Christians – living in the chicken farm (their church), eating supplied food (their pastor), pecking each others backs (criticism), and wistfully looking through the fence wondering what it’s like to be free.

And all the time the chicken pie machine clanks away in the corner calling them over one by one… and only a very few dare to try to venture beyond the security of the fence into the big beyond. They were born chickens and will die chicken pies.

So different to God’s plan for believers. He sent His son Jesus to break open the fence, and encourage us to follow Him out into a new Kingdom, teaching us how to fly in a way we’ve only ever dreamed of doing and to rise up (‘soaring’, the Bible calls it) to great heights above all the muck and bullets of the chicken run.

‘Soaring’ on wings like eagles takes a bit of learning at first. Learning how to put ones wings out and catch the uplift of the Holy Spirit requires quite a bit of patience, like learning to ride a bike took; then all of a sudden you get it and up and away you go.

This site will focus on flying skills for ‘Eagle Believers’, and how to find ones way around in the Kingdom of God where everything is new and strange and different after life in the restricted grounds of the chicken run, where it was very rare to get more than a couple of feet off the ground.

Come fly with me!


16 thoughts on “About ‘Eagle Believers’

  1. Norman Lewis says:

    Oh Pastor Les and Ann!
    We feel so blessed to have you in our lives and the very least we can do is to hold that ladder as steady and safe as possible so as you make those steps wether small or large in supporting you both.
    As you know Les, on a personal basis I too am climbing my ladder and need you to be at the foot steadying it for me along with my immediate family. So LET US HANG ON BROTHER IN JESUS NAME IN THE KNOWLEGE THAT IN FACT, HE IS THE ONE HOLDING THE LADDER AND HAS PROMISED TO DELIVER US SAFELY THROUGH THIS SITUATION.
    We will keep you both continuosly in our prayers. It goes without saying that you are forever in our hearts, thoughts and minds. We are truly blessed to have you as friends and honoured that you were able to Bless our Son Jonathan on Sunday.
    Please be assured that we are here for you anytime you need us.
    May God continue to bless you always.
    Norman & Family.

    • Dear bro Norman – you are also in our prayers day by day. Don’t forget you are one step ahead of me in this journey – I’ll give you a push up if you give me a pull up! xx

  2. Eugenia Nweje says:

    sorry I didn’t reply immediately but yes I would like to be part of this,I believe pray is the key and it is an important tool for us who are called by HIS name to change things,Pastor
    Les and Ann God will continue to work in your life don’t be afraid of anything, people are people and God is God. God is fighting our battle not people !!!!
    I love you so much
    remain blessed
    Eugenia xxx

  3. Jennifer Graham says:

    I miss you. My eyes searched you out on a Sunday, but I have not seen you. Thanking God for you.

    Eugenia is right of course! The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
    Psalms 18. 2

    He is our strong hold of that ladder! And thank God for that!

    • Dear Jenny, We were there yesterday, but had to come away a little early. Went to visit your mum in the afternoon and see her new house. Its looking so good now with the floor being done. God is good! Love to all xx

  4. Eugenia Nweje says:

    Jennifer dear
    sorry I was talking to Allyson downstairs but I didn’t leave early, anyway. God stood on his word your mum called and told me the good news and I got the text message too and it seems everything went to plan. By His Grace I will available to help out in any way possible
    Jenny,hopefully we will see tomorrow or we will talk
    take care

  5. Kari-Lisbeth Kjus says:

    I will hold the ladder for you and keep praying for you.
    May the Lord keep you and bless you. . . And give you all the strength you need.
    Love to you both from Kari-Lisbeth

  6. Maria Elisabeth Toth says:

    Peace be with you Pr. Les Ball. I don’t know if you remember me. I was in All Nations Church in 1997, Maria Elisabeth Toth from Brazil. On that time you holded my ladder now I want to help you in prayer. May God bless you and help you to go throught this hard time.

    • My dear Maria Elisabeth, how lovely to hear from you from Brazil! our church really is ALL Nations! Of course I remember you, how could we forget! You slept in our church and day and night kept prayer ministry going. You were such a blessing and I seem to remember we gave you the massive Good News Bible Concordance. Keep on loving God and loving people!!!

  7. Fred Amartey Laryea says:

    Pastor Les, sorry to hear about the ladder but like you always said, “we’ve got to keep keeping on”. I will gladly hold the ladder which ,i believe, will eventually be a global prayer chain. Miss you guys at All Nations greatly. I trust will together pull through for He who brought us there will take us through (our Red Seas).

  8. Marie-Thérèse Nlandu says:

    God bless and healing you always! I ask God to take away that burden by touching where you are suffering during 30 minutes thinking it is Jesus-Christ himself. I did it and was healing from a sickness which required chirurgical operation. God is the best doctor. I will always pray for you.

  9. Dear Les what a wonderful encouragement you are to the body of Christ yes we will soar like eagles because Jesus is our stronghold in all circumstances of our daily lives. God bless you and Ann miss you lots

    God bless Bishop Donnett

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