The Alternativity – Banksy style

Christmas Eve. Never really touched me. Until tonight, Christmas Eve 2017. Just watched the most moving nativity play I’ve ever seen – THE ALTERNATIVITY – tears flooding down my face. Made by Banksy and Danny Boyle in Bethlehem in the car park of the Walled Off Hotel. The huge Israeli wall surrounds it. Check points. Snipers.  No freedom. No peace. Fear. Oppression. Then this happens.
The kids of Bethlehem come out.
And Banksy pulls off a stunner. The kids want freedom, and they sing, and demon Herod comes to terrorise them. I’ll never be able to sing ‘O Little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie’ again.  What a guy! How did he do Banksy-The-Alternativity-flyerthis… you must watch it. The world needs to see it. This is Christmas December 2017. This is Jesus. This is why He came.
You won’t believe whats going on in Bethlehem, Christmas Eve 2017. The place where Jesus was born.

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Our current cultural story is one of darkness and despair. Trump and Rocket Man and North Korea, Brexit negotiations, Trump pouring a can of petrol on Jerusalem, Putin flexing his muscles, Trump and sexual harassment. Its gloom gloom gloom. One neighbour of ours put this sign on his gate, expressing the gloom of many people today. They want to know, “Is there hope?”

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A New Pastor for Frinton

On Sunday my nephew, Mark, is joining the great ranks of God’s Under-Shepherds when he becomes the new pastor of Frinton’s Baptist Church – affectionately known as The Free. Having been an Under- Shepherd for over 40 years myself I still count it the greatest privilege of my life when The great Shepherd of the Sheep appointed me to help Him look after His sheep. I also found it the greatest challenge to keep in touch with the Great Shepherd and make sure I was in tune with what He wanted, even when Continue reading

‘I will …station myself…’

 “I will . . . station myself . . .’’

We had a big celebration here at Walton station last month to mark the 150th anniversary of the railways reaching the east coast from London and the opening of the station. A huge 100 mph steam locomotive ‘Tornado’ came non-stop from London, heading ‘The Walton Pier Express’, recapturing the golden days of steam, and of Walton. Thousands of people lined the tracks from Colchester, some spilling onto the line (Indian fashion!) causing the train to Continue reading

Fried by Facebook

facebook (2)I’ve never known our country so divided as it is now over this Brexit issue, One third voted to leave the EU, one third were undecided and didn’t bother to vote, one third voted to remain. What saddens me is how Christians are reacting to it. I felt the scriptures were very clear as to the heart of God in this issue; others came to a different conclusion using different scriptures. Still others didn’t use any scriptures but just said ‘I prayed about it’, and then started frying each other up on Facebook. Continue reading