The Worst Place to be BORN ON THE PLANET?

DR Congo childDon’t miss Dan Snow’s History Of Congo at 9pm, Wednesday October 9 on BBC2

“It’s one of the most tragic yet important countries on the planet,” he assures us. “[We can] learn about us as humans. Congo’s anarchy is happening now, but the same has happened in Europe, even in Britain, albeit centuries ago. One day, if we make bad choices, it might happen again.”

To create this powerful documentary, Snow’s team built bridges over streams, flew into bush airstrips, and took dugout canoes down the Congo River, crossing no-mans-land between rebel and government forces. “We wanted to explore the history that has made this country what it is,” he says as he explores how colonialism, slavery and corruption have torn apart this verdant country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the size of Western Europe, blessed with resources that ought to make its 70 million inhabitants very wealthy.

Yet it sits at the very bottom of the UN Human Development Index and for a generation has reliably been the worst country on earth in which to be born.

It’s the rape capital of the world, as tragically women and girls daily experience the barbarism of rape used as a weapon of war

The Congolese people he meets are utterly pessimistic about their nation’s future. They tell a joke about evil men in hell being allowed a phone call by the devil. Saddam Hussein and Hitler pay a lot of money to call Iraq and Germany, but Mobutu is allowed to phone the Congo for hours at little cost. Why? “We’re in hell. Congo is a local call.”

Thank God for this brave film; pray its going out will have a great impact and inspire more to get involved in praying and working for regime change and the healing of Africa’s broken heart. We can’t keep blanking out this blot on our planet

To give a future and a hope

Charlotte Simon (and her daughter and two other women) – climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon on Saturday to help raise funds for some children in DR Congo to go to school. This was no mean feat . At 3560 feet, Snowdon was used by Edmund Hillary in training for his 1953 ascent of Mount Everest.! Unfortunately on the way down Charlotte slipped 

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What one woman with a head injury can accomplish for God.

putting love where love is notOn Sunday Ann & I joined in an exhilarating service in Peckham to hear Jenny Hensman just back from Zimbabwe update her prayer partners on progress made with setting up a 30 acre farm to help self finance her project aiming to place 100 orphans in small family houses with a mum. The farm is now producing 500 chickens for market every week, and she is caring for 19 children. This is remarkable when you know where she has come from. Continue reading


The news we’ve been wanting to hear has come through – the relatives of Marie Therese Nlandu and her husband Noel Mbala have been released, and no charges brought against them.

Guy Nkoko, Makiesse Mbala, (Nephews), Lesi Nsundi Luwawu, Noel’s brother , and Gregory Kabanda were all abducted by President Kabila’s men in the middle of the night from Marie Therese and Noel’s Kinshasa home on the 1st May.

Marie Therese and Noel are seen as enemies of the D R Congo because of their tireless campaigning for human rights and justice to be returned to Congo, and for an end to Kabila’s corrupt regime.

Thank God for this wonderful answer to prayer and continue to pray for those who seek to see the Kingdom of God established in our generation in the hot spots of the world ,like Marie Therese and Noel in the DR Congo, longing to rid it of the unenviable title ‘Rape Capital of the World’. They pay a big price for not turning away from these challenges.

Beaten and Kidnapped in Kinshasa

Marie Therese Nlandu and Noel Mbala’s family members were beaten and kidnapped in KINSHASA this week

During the night of 1st May 2013 between 1 am and 4 am several vehicles burst into Marie Therese and Noel’s home compound in Kinshasa, D R Congo and heavily armed men in police uniforms, beat and Continue reading