What one woman with a head injury can accomplish for God.

putting love where love is notOn Sunday Ann & I joined in an exhilarating service in Peckham to hear Jenny Hensman just back from Zimbabwe update her prayer partners on progress made with setting up a 30 acre farm to help self finance her project aiming to place 100 orphans in small family houses with a mum. The farm is now producing 500 chickens for market every week, and she is caring for 19 children. This is remarkable when you know where she has come from. Continue reading

Church to be ‘liquidated’

Hold the ladder in prayer for Greater Grace Church in Baku, Azerbaijan. Tomorrow (9 January), a Supreme Court hearing is scheduled to take place over its future.

It was issued with a liquidation order in April 2012, a decision upheld by an appeal court in July. If the Supreme Court does not overturn the ruling, the church, which has a congregation of nearly 500, will be dissolved. This is an important test case for religious freedom in Azerbaijan, as Greater Grace is the first church to be closed since a strict Religion Law requiring all churches to re-register was introduced in 2009. Pray that the Lord will move the Supreme Court to rule in the church’s favour. Lift up to the Lord the leaders and members as they await the verdict.