dismaland3Woke up with tears streaming down my face this morning. God’s lovely son died to tear down the dividing walls between the races, nations and sexes; very soon we’ll be putting them up all round ‘island mentality’ Britain again.I went to bed hoping to wake up in Great big hearted  Britain, but instead its Sad keep out Britain.

Its going to be even harder to say to people when we go over the English Channel on our mission trips to people who Continue reading


disagreeWHEN CHRISTIANS DISAGREE – ‘Should we stay or should we leave?’

Many Christians have totally different views about the referendum vote that’s divided couples,families, churches and communities here in the UK

Many seem to have been sucked in by the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ political focus on issues like the economy, immigration, sovereignty, and have taken  sides forgetting that we Christians belong to a different Kingdom, with different values and the question we should be asking is ‘How would our sovereign King Jesus want me to vote to further His plans for the world?’

Some Christians see the EU as satanic noting that the European Parliament building in Strasbourg bears strong resemblance to the shape of the Tower of Babel (as depicted in the oil paintings of Bruegel the Elder), which was a symbol of rebellion against God. They say the EU “want to restore and finish what God destroyedContinue reading

Longing for more at Pentecost

Light match

His first 40 Days were spent fasting, preparing HIMSELF for the battle ahead.

His final 40 Days were spent feasting. Beach barbecues with his men. Lunch with them, dinner with them. Chatting, engaging, preparing THEM for the battle ahead, to convince beyond doubt He was alive. He had physically risen. He was no apparition. No ghost. Continue reading

All Day breakfast for anyone?

Bigger_King_finalCulture shock works in reverse. After getting adjusted to the simple lifestyle of India, shopping every day at the market for vegetables, having a chicken killed and plucked for you, fresh raw milk in little polythene bags, and beautiful water from the 215 foot deep well, rice cooked over a wood fire, and cold water showers, it’s quite a shock to adjust back to ‘buy one get two free’, multi choice, shelves groaning, full trolleys, supermarkets and steaming hot showers!.

On Sunday we had beautiful food for lunch at church, then in the evening were invited to Continue reading


small-change3THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ‘Small Change’

Thousands of Labour Party members have just voted for a gigantic change, reminding me of how just over forty years ago this month, a young couple with two toddlers had their lives totally changed, never to be the same again. They were parachuted by God into a declining, racially troubled part of inner south London experiencing great cultural change. Continue reading