You A KIP or you A LERT ?

UKIPIt’s been an eye opener being in the countryside and not London at election time. UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), posters are everywhere and everyone is very passionate about the need for keeping England for the English and putting up barbed wire border controls to keep all the European invaders out! Sadly many Christians are fast asleep and getting swept along with this tide of thinking, Continue reading

Carrying the Cross seemed so wrong

IMG_4271On Good Friday I was asked if I’d like to carry the cross and lead the procession down Walton High Street from Tesco’s to the Post Office. What an honour, what a privilege I thought – till I started!

Leading this silent solemn procession at a snail’s pace down the street with people stopping to look and children pointing and asking their mums what they were doing and not being able to declare out the Good news in a loud voice was so hard. Wearing my world map jacket every bit of me was itching to call out

‘Someone up there likes you, loves you, died for you.                              God loves people so much that He sent His only son to die for us so that everyone who starts to really believe in Him will get a brand new life that not even death can stop.

God isn’t about judging us, He loves us so, so much and wants to set us free from all our hurts, habits and hangups. Continue reading

When you like him but don’t like his bride

more people in heaven I love being in the Kingdom of God, living the Jesus way and doing all I can to make it as hard as possible for my family, friends and neighbours to go to hell. The only problem I have with focusing my life on Jesus is His Bride. I love Jesus so much…but his bride, the church…she drives me to distraction so often!

She has bored me, frustrated me with so many man made rules and regs, and been hopelessly out of step with my world so many times. And more than that she has deeply hurt me, abused me, tried my faith, and caused me to doubt and question. Continue reading

The Man Upstairs Came Downstairs

the man upstairs came downstairs...SO WE WOULD NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE BASEMENT

Living in the basement was how it seemed to us at first when we moved in April to the Essex coast, even though we live on the second floor of our block of flats with the most wonderful views over water from both the front and back balconies. After being in the thick of the action for God in London with a bunch of on fire brothers and sisters, it was suddenly …nothing! Ouch. And it hurt.

The early part of the year had been so painful – two months of daily hospital visits for radiotherapy treatment for the cancer, (now gone, thank God), my dad dying, packing up our home after 34 years, saying goodbye to so many neighbours and friends in the church. On the day we moved Continue reading

Stuck in a worship rut?

be yourselfFor a long time I’ve felt pangs of guilt on Sundays because I’ve often found church very unsatisfying – singing a few songs, lots of notices and someone talking at you about the same thing you’ve heard a hundred times before. Very rarely have I got excited about digging out some new nugget about Jesus in the Bible, and come home with my spirit on fire raring to live boldly for God in the coming week.

Its usually the same old same old same.

But then I came upon a really helpful analysis as to why I feel this on Day 13 of the 40 Days journey in ‘What on Earth am I here for’ that I’m doing at the moment along with a bunch of friends. Continue reading