God’s Smuggler

masih das.jpg2We received a very precious note smuggled out from the prison where Masih Das and Sarita are being held. They apologise for not being able to see us yet but say ‘we hope this problem will soon pass’.

Such an incredible sweet spirit after all they have been through. They knew 15 years ago when they said yes to God’s call to go to the villages of Ghatila that it would be costly, the people gripped by witch craft, speaking a language they didn’t know and eating food not like mother Continue reading

The empire strikes back

Multi cultural hands

Prayer moves mountains – literally. The prayers of Gods people around the world,  lifted to heaven by faith in Jesus, have arrived in heavens courts, and the empire is striking back!

Two lawyers, one a professor of law, who act on behalf of persecuted people, met with Masih Das and Sarita in custody and discovered huge irregularities in the way the investigation into the murder had happened. It was obvious that the police have been under pressure from political and religious groups to try and pin something on Masih Das and Sarita, and so have intimidated the children in custody to say things they Continue reading



I have just received a call from Masih Dad and Sarita in India, 4.30 am in the morning their time, telling me they are going to sleep on a bed tonight for the first time in 10 days! They are so full of praise and grateful for all the prayers of Gods people around the world. Both them and the boys that the police were holding have been released. Masih das and Sarita have been taken to a safe place some distance away, the children back to their families. Speaking with the boys Masih das is convinced that they had nothing to do with the murder; we must pray that the DNA result Continue reading


jesus in boatIt was good to make contact with Masih das and Sarita on the phone again, although they are still too traumatised to say very much. I was able to reassure them of the love and prayers from many around the world. Hearing his struggle to speak reminded me of the first message Masih Das gave in English when he spoke at All Nations Church in London about Jesus telling his disciples to ‘go to the villages on other side’, (of the lake). It was very moving as he explained to us the great need of tribal people on ‘the other side’ of India’s prejudice ridden society, and the need for Continue reading

How low will the enemy of souls sink?

masih das.jpg2Earlier this week we were greatly encouraged when 300 people at an early morning prayer meeting in London were praying into the situation, and exactly at that same time, but five hours ahead in India, the police decided to drop murder charges against Masih das and Sarita. Our hopes were raised for a good resolution for what we saw as a spiritual attack on these two.

But recent developments have totally knocked the wind out of our sails.  If what local people are saying is correct, then it looks if the depraved, enemy of God’s work in the world has managed to put an end to this beautiful ministry, to the poorest of the poor, in one of the most deprived parts of the world by one simple diabolical act. Continue reading