God’s model of Church Leadership

keep-calm-there-is-an-alternativeMany churches across the UK are in desperate need of Biblical visionary leadership. Since becoming a ‘visiting preacher’ I’ve been distressed at the state of many churches, often because of the lack of good leadership. There are many leaders who seem happy to preside over a declining congregation and never think outside the box and of proclaiming our fantastic good news to a frightened and disillusioned world. Dark days in the world should be good days for the church! People are hungry for our good news. The world is not out of control; there is a throne room with some sitting on it!

Oh for God anointed and God appointed leaders who refuse to settle for the way things are and are willing to press on toward something better. Continue reading


small-change3THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ‘Small Change’

Thousands of Labour Party members have just voted for a gigantic change, reminding me of how just over forty years ago this month, a young couple with two toddlers had their lives totally changed, never to be the same again. They were parachuted by God into a declining, racially troubled part of inner south London experiencing great cultural change. Continue reading

DON’T MESS UP IN 2015 (part two)

In Part one of ‘Don’t Mess Up’, we saw how concerned Jesus was for the future generations of believers splintering into ‘I do it my way groups’, that his last prayer focused on us keeping together. He knew that divided we fall…

Part Two ‘Don’t Mess up in 2015’, THE MIRACLE OF QUECREEK Continue reading



Try Walton on the Naze for some of the best fish and chips anywhere, especially Tollgate Fisheries. They change the oil every day, use local potatoes, the best fish they can get from a variety of suppliers, and cook fresh to order. The batter is thin and crispy, not greasy, and the chips are golden and not soggy.  Delicious!

But the chips always lack one thing there; the one thing they need to make them zing on the tastebuds, to do justice to all the care taken in cooking them, to make them complete, perfect.

Salt. Continue reading


nervous‘The worship style was designed for total accessibility

The drummers all stuck to soft cymbals and beats anyone could handle

The guitarists deployed good effects, but condensed them, so the highs and lows never stretched too wide.

The lyrics tended to be rhythmic and pronunciation perfect, the better to sing along with.

There were no sad songs in this megachurch, and no angry songs. There were songs about desperation, but none about despair; songs conveying longing but only longings that already been fulfilled Continue reading