what on earth am i here forI was recently challenged by this comment in ‘Word for Today’ : ‘In prison with no possibility of release, and facing the certainty of death on the chopping block, Paul asked Timothy to bring his books. Why? Because he wanted to keep growing. The truth is: 1) When you finish growing, you are finished            When the poet Longfellow was old, an admirer asked him how he was able to keep writing so beautifully. Pointing to a nearby apple tree he replied, ‘That tree is very old, but I never saw prettier blossoms. The tree grows a little new wood every year, and out of that new wood those blossoms come. So I try to grow a little each year.Continue reading

No lukewarm Christians in heaven!

no lukewarm christians in heavenI dread becoming luke warm, which usually happens so slowly that you don’t always notice the drop in your spiritual temperature until its happened!

No longer being on the front line as it were since retiring, and with everyone saying, ‘take it easy’, ‘put your feet up’, ‘you’ve deserved it’, I’m definitely not as ‘hot’ as I’d like to be. So I’ve decided to do something about it and go on a 40 Days spiritual renewal programme starting in October so, ‘I’m ready Lord for you to use during the Christmas period’ .

Ten years ago we got our whole church using the ‘Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren for a 40 day spiritual renewal programme. Continue reading